Crunching Numbers: Artem Smolin


Artem Smolin is talented fellow coming outta Russia that rolls with the weare2012 crew.

PND: Bryan Fox - Rorschach


Bryan Fox is one of those riders that gets us excited. We always love watching videos or seeing shots of him. He rides with balls.

Grasgehren Is the Place To Be


This weekend we found ourselves in one of the most fun early season parks in Europe, <sp

5 Things: Ozzy Henning


Ozzy Henning is one of those guys that we don't talk about enough and every time we see something with him online, we say, "We should talk about Ozzy more".

Winter Thru Jussi Oksanen's Lenses


We ran into Jussi Oksanen in the cafeteria in the lodge after an epic early season shred.

Ketchup: Oivind Fykse Engelschion


Oivind Fykse Engelshion is a little Norwegian wizard that toys with gravity and brings some serious heat to the streets. Riding his first year

Winter Thru Austen Sweetin's Lenses


We caught Austen Sweetin on the chairlift and had a quick chat before we got back to burning turns.

When the Going Gets Rough Full Movie


Last season ROUGH snowboards hit the streets to film their first full length feature movie. Fredu Sirvio -The Finnish Rail Reaper, Vesa Nissinen, Jacub Szkaradek, Tommy Lan

Who Are Ya?! Jordan Morse


Jordan Morse didn't start snowboarding yesterday, but he recently made a lot of noise with his "Under Dawgs" online part, which was filmed/edited by Colton Morgan.

Production Values: Kuske & The Scandal Navians


We sat down with Kristofer Fahlgren aka Kuske and some of the Scandalnavians posse to watch the full flick.