Method Camp Guide 2009


I Know What You're Doing This Summer : Method Camp Guide 2009

A pivotal part of the season is upon us in the shredosphere. It is the part of a season which separates people that enjoy snowboarding recreationally from the people that are chemically dependent on their snowboards. During the dry months many are able to get by in myriad ways, we've been known to use our skateboards as a methadone-like substitute for the white winter wave... Others do weird things like mountain biking, climbing, or snorkeling. But those to whom this little guide concerns are the kids (and ahem, adults) who have no compunction in spending whatever meager funds they manage to scrape together for a week-long summer shredathon on these massive, land-locked icebergs that are slowly creeping towards extinction. The more privileged usually manage to pester their deep-pocketed parental units to the point where they would gladly pay good money to let their overactive little monkeys back into the wild for a few days. Others who aren't so lucky just get a back hand to the face from cold, hard reality and have to settle for the local ledge spot for the long summer months. Those of us fortunate enough to do so scatter onto the glaciers like rainbow sprinkles on an ice cream sundae, ready to fling our overamped carcasses, get horrendous goggle tans and imbibe far too much in the devil sauce. Here are a few of the major summer camps going on this summer in Europe and North America, including some vital statistics to make it easier for you to decide where you can quench your thirst for slushy parks, massive liftlines and mega parties in the coming months. Peep the spots and register fast before you find yourself stuck trying to foster a new love for ping-pong, golf, or curtain making to make it through to next season without losing your mind...


Before we get started, here is a short list of things to not forget to bring to any camp:

Snowboard - Yeah, there are always demo boards around, but if you're like us you'd rather shred your own stick.

Boots - See above. I guess there is nothing worse than wearing brand new (read: not broken in) demo boots or worse yet, rentals... ewwww!

Skateboard - D'oh

Proper outerwear - You obviously don't need to bring your puffy, but as with all mountains, the weather is highly unpredictable in L2A and you might find yourself in the middle of a blizzard in August. And you definitely don't want to get a soggy ass from the slush either, so dress accordingly, nahmsayin?

Sunscreen - Dude, this is no joke, make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen and none of that SPF 6 shit either, I'm talking some industrial strength stuff here. Being on the glacier is like being in a convection oven, not only are the sun's UV rays hitting you (and with even more strength due to the high altitude) directly, the snow also reflects those same harmful rays right back to you. What all this means is that it is really easy to get a heat stroke up there (medical term: hyperthermia), so make sure you don't forget to wear plenty of sunscreen and keep reapplying throughout the day. That shit could ruin your whole week... Oh, and bandanas are pretty played out, but on the glacier they are function before fashion, so two thumbs up from us!

Eye protection- See above, your eyes will be bombarded by pernicious solar rays, so make sure your peepers are fully protected. Snow blindness is no fun.

Helmet, impact shorts & back protector -Let's face it, you will be pushing your limits and protecting yourself is always a good idea.



Where the hell is it?: Isére, France. Located high in the mountains here is Europe's largest shreddable glacier, altitude 3,600 meters, hosted by the second oldest resort in France, Les Deux Alpes aka Les 2 Alpes aka L2A. The closest major city to this venerable spot is Grenoble, a short 70 km drive away.

Playground: Not as impressive as the North American Camps, but the price won't leave a giant burning hole in your pocket. For a mere fraction of what you pay at Hood or Whistler you get a 22-foot superpipe, a small pipe, a boardercross course, a tackle of quality kickers and a solid set of rails and jiberoos, plus plenty of French cheese to shred with your knife at the end of the day. Follow all that shredding with some serious parties popping all over town and take advantage of the more relaxed drinking rules compared to the opposite side of the pond.

Rest Your Tired Bones: A variety of housing is available in the town of Les 2 Alpes, apartments are usually provided for by the camp packages, a lot of people end up in Le Sherpa Hotel, which is one of those rustic and typical French Alp hotels with a nice restaurant.

Grub & Munchies: How about some French cuisine? Nowhere better to do that than in France!
You can choose from a wide variety of restaurants and a few worth mentioning are:
-Crepes a-Go-Go: for about €7 you can grab a crepe with your own choice of filling, nice!
-La Grange: Opposite the lift pass office, here you can get awesome fondue, raclette & pasta dishes in the more Rhône-Alpes traditional style or if you're a risk-taker: try the coconut fondue.
-Pizza can be devoured at the 'Chalet a Pizza', it's open from 11am until 2am, so if you've got a bit of an apres-party hunger to kill, go here.
-Awesome Tex-Mex food afficionado? Go to Smokey Joe's, where you can get Mexican-style food, nachos, great burgers and huge steaks. Menu items are around 7-10€ for a starter, and 11-16€ for a main course (oh, and English brekkie is served until 2am).

Booze Spots: There's loads of pubs/bars/late-night drinking holes to be visited during the off-mountain hours, so party-wise they've got all the bases covered in Les 2 Alpes. Gorgeous Dutch girls can be found at the Veronica Bar, or if you want to avoid the Dutch (who entertain themselves in La Grotte du Yeti and Veronica Bar) you can easily stroll into one of the many other bars like The Red Frog, Smithy's, Smokey Joe's and get your dancing kicks at Le Bar Bresilien, B4 & l'Avalanche club. But beware: the booze flows freely and there is the distinct possibility you might get lost in the party, so just make sure you don't drink till sunrise or you'll probably miss your morning shred session. Here is our tip, call it empirical data collected after many summer nights in this lovely

French village: if you're gonna drink, drink early, get going at lunch so that you are ready for bed at a reasonable time. Remember, you paid a grip of your hard-earned cash to snowboard during the summer, so don't blow it doofus!

Apres-shred activities: L2A is chock-full of exciting options, in fact there is more to do than most people can fit into one day. You can hit the skatepark, or the municipal swimming pool, or the tennis and beach volleyball courts, not to mention go rock climbing, ice skating, parapenting, paintball, badminton, hit the numerous trampolines, practice your archery skills or even launch yourself clear off the downhill go-cart course (I recommend pining it). And that's just the stuff to get you through the afternoon!

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic: Surprisingly, the sausage/chica ratio isn't that bad during the summer in L2A. Of course there will be a majority of dudes, I mean let's face it, this is still snowboarding! But with an abundance of camps focused exclusively on girls and the well-known party atmosphere that reigns in town, you can easily find romance up in them thar hills.

Free Ride: Poaching would require a serious goat hike to get up to 3600 meters, but once you get up on the glacier you can hike around pretty easily or latch onto one the human chains off the drag lift (these can get a little out of hand), and watch out for the crevasses if you decide to ride off piste!

Local Knowledge:
Cheese rules everything around you. Kumi Yama starts the 3rd of July, the event of the summer in Les 2 Alpes and not to be missed! Don't use the deadly shortcut via the Combe Noir Ravine to get to the girls' apartments, and watch yourself when you're stumbling home drunk from l'Avalanche, every year someone disappears in Les 2 Alpes, basically vanishing into thin air. I'm not even kidding.

So without further ado, here is a list of the major camps going down in Les 2 Alpes this summer:



This summer in Les 2 Alpes, world-famous Canadian shop Axis does its first summer camps in Europe. Maple Syrup, Caribou, and Trailer Park Boyz, all the ingredients are there for a chilled week on the glacier.

When to ditch work for this: July 4th - July 11th

Wallet Damage:
350euros€: 7 nights apartment + 6-day lift pass + camp activities
475euros€: 7 nights apartment + 6-day lift pass + 6 days coaching + camp activities
660euros€: 7 nights hotel & full board + 6-day lift pass + 6 days coaching + camp activities
Yea or Nay: Yea for the Axis goodie bag & Nay for all those who couldn't come along to this awesome camp too.

Apres-shred activities: Get to work on the all-girl campers and claim a whole lot of tricks that you have only seen in videos.

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic: Who knows, it never happened before.



Peter Strom introduces Brotherhood Snowboard Camps in Les 2 Alpes. There he will pass onto you his Yoda-like knowledge on how to use the Force and ride anything and everything that comes your way, trees, wall-rides, pipe, parks, rails and even cars.

When to ditch work for this: July 4th - July 11th

Wallet Damage: 740euros is good for a 6-day lift ticket, 5 days of coaching, and 7 nights in 4-8 person apartments.
Yay or Nay:
Yay for the Brother and Sister party with Girlie Camp & Nay for lift lines with oddly dressed French folk.
Apres-shred activities:
Video analysis of your progress, boardcare, stretching, and fishing for chickies from the Girlie Camp.

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic: This camp is direclty involved with Girlie camp, so you're that much closer to the action.


Burton and Demonium tag-team Les 2 Alpes! Sign up for unforgetable rad times riding with the Burton pro team and raging the nights of Les 2 Alpes.

When to ditch work for this: From July 11th - July 26th

Wallet Damage:
350euros €: 7 nights apartment + 6-day lift pass + camp activities
475euros €: 7 nights apartment + 6-day lift pass + 6 days coaching + camp activities
660euros €: 7 nights hotel & full board + 6-day lift pass + 6 days coaching + camp activities
690euros €: under 18 package, includes 7 nights hotel & full board + 6-day lift pass + 6 days coaching + camp activities

Yay or Nay:
Yay for shredding and partying with the most renowned team in snowboarding & Nay if you're allergic to fun.
Apres-shred activities:
Drinking, paragliding, paragliding drunk, just playing, just a whole bunch of stuff to do once you're off the slush.
Broverdose vs. Estrogenic: Tends to be weiner-heavy, but still some snow bunnies to break up the monotony.


A Spanish camp that is very well geared towards beginners to help you grow the balls to take it to to the park with plenty of advice to work your way up to the big stuff.

Where the hell is it?: Les 2 Alpes

When to ditch work for this: 28th of June - 28th of August

Wallet Damage:
starts at 148€ for 1 day camp, 242€ for 2 day camp, 320€ 5 day camp, 468€ Camp 5 day XL camp

Yay or Nay:
Yay for people who just want to get in a quick day or two & Nay to injuries since you're learning to chuck flips into the air bags, so watch out for janky landings to neck tweakers.

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic: Most likely a broverdose, but you never know, you just never know...


Fun times with the Frenchies brought to you by the people from Rip Curl. Here's your chance to spend your well-earned days off riding with the Apo and Rip Curl teams.

When to ditch work for this:
July 11th - August 7th

Wallet Damage:
between 450euros - 646euros € depending on the session, 250euros - 380euros € if you are cool with camping.

Yay or Nay:
Yay for August sessions if that's the only time you can free yourself from your cage & Nay for late-summer soup snow, so drink early and wake up early!

Apres-shred activities: Bowling, movie night, Ping-Pong tournament, awards night for best trick, most broken bones, trampoline sessions, video feed back, mountain bike, rafting, paintball, beach volleyball, beach soccer, badminton & golf.

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic:
As it's a summercamp and some campers are single, you are pretty much guaranteed to hook-up with an equally stoked person during late-night drinking sessions or long gondola rides to the glacier. Well, I guess "guaranteed" is a relative term, after all it is entirely up to you if you lay waste to a slew of lusty wenches or end up making out with the toilet bowl after crawling back to your room with filled with the sounds of your mate's honking snore and the acrid stench of sweat-drenched liners.

So, you're a girl and you're thinking “I'd like a week of shredding with like-minded, active girls and hang out doing all sorts of cheeky things while on holiday in France”? Well, here's the answer to your prayers!

When to ditch work for this:
July 4th - July 11th

Wallet Damage:
740 euros for a week of lift passes, full housing, video analysis, 5 days of coaching and mountain & slope safety lessons.

Yay or Nay:
Yay for some time alone with the girls get some tricks in the bag & Nay if you are here more for the man-hunt than the hunt for sweet airtime.
Apres-shred activities: Enjoy some lazy time on the water with windsurfing, swimming or go canyoning. There is way too much to do in L2A...

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic: Since it's a women's-only thing, the estrogen will be flowing freely and the girl posse will be rolling deep. But don't worry ladies, if it gets too catty the boy's Brotherhood camp won't be far.


This year the good people at Atila Network (distributors of Bataleon, Nomis, Celsius, Celtek and other fine brands) have organized a summer shredfest for you to punk out in Les 2 Alpes.

When to ditch work for this:
July 4th - July 11th

Wallet Damage:

330euros€: no coaching + 6-day lift ticket + housing
455euros€: coaching with Bataleon pros (including Simon Chamberlain, Kale Stephens, Drew Fuller, Chris Dufficy, Gulli Gudmundsson, Mark 'Deadlung' Edlund, Andreas Gidlund, Tyler Chorlton, L'Arrogs and Kalle Ohlson) + 6-day lift ticket + housing

Yay or Nay: Yay for getting hooked up with fresh gear to liven up your stale mid-80's Austrian alpine village-looking kit & Nay for breaking your neck trying to imitate Tyler Chorlton's double front flip.

Apres-shred activities: Video & photo editing, skateboarding on the camp's private mini ramp, there's a swimming pool, and much more to get into.

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic: With tons of big names in attendance, there is a distinct possibility there will be copious amounts of shred betties at this one.


The Spanish Landing camps are customized for your enjoyment including a jibbing camp, halfpipe camp, photo camp, and junior camps to get a little more into what you want most during your week in the summer slush paradise. Also, some basic understanding of Spanish is semi-mandatory, as you will feel just like you were back in sunny Iberia.

When to ditch work for this: June 20th - August 29th

Wallet Damage:
710euros€ gets you 7 nights rest with 6 days of riding plus a whole bunch more, there are tons more options too so search around their site.

Yay or Nay: Yay for the camp video at the end of the week to see what your sweet ass looks like on tape & Nay to leaving and instead stay up to a month for only 1,300euros and shred till your skills can pay the bills.

Rest Your Tired Bones: Landing rents out the entire Hotel Provençal for the summer, creates a cool, intimate vibe.

Grub & Munchies: Fresh homemade grub! If you are into Spanish food & the Mediterranean diet, this is the place to be.

Apres-shred activities: Parapenting, karting, rafting, rock climbing, ice skating, swimming pool and awesome, week-long ping pong tournaments!

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic: Mostly bros, but a couple lil mamis should be in the mix.


Shred the mountain mozzarella with the Italianos. Nazca has been around forever (in fact, they claim they invented summer camps in 1987) and a big crowd comes out for this one. There are several options, ranging from teen camps to "sista" camps, and the freestyle master camps. And get this, Nazca also has a camp in Tignes, Europe's other big summer shred destination (although lately most camps have left Tignes in favor of L2A), so check their website if you want to avoid a crowded scene. Nazca has something to offer for everyone to learn how to get dirty in the parks, including your teenage sister (to the delight of many, believe me).

When to ditch work for this: June 20th - August 28th

Wallet Damage: Prices range from 135euros to 680euros, and there are tons of options, so check out their site for the full skinny.

Yay or Nay: Yay for learning how to tune and upkeep your board without having to get ripped off by a shop to do it for you & Nay if you can't "parlare", you might wanna go to an English-speaking camp.

Rest Your Tired Bones:
Just like Landing, Nazca rents out a whole hotel for the duration of the summer, theirs is the Terrachu.

Grub & Munchies:
Pasta till ya puke and the best pizza you can throw down your hole.

Apres-shred activities: Fun in the sun, skating, or perhaps a nice book in the green valley meadows.

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic:
Seems like plenty of bellas at this camp based on their photo gallery.


For riders of all levels to get their summer shred on, morning sessions with Valerie and Romain who will show you smart ways to grow your bag of tricks.

When to ditch work for this: July 4th - July 11th

Wallet Damage:
450euros€: 6 days coaching + 6-day lift ticket (18 years & older)
650euros€: 6 days coaching on the glacier + afternoon activities in the resort + 6-day lift ticket (including various activities) + full board in "La Brunerie" hotel

Yay or Nay: Yay for trying new Nitro decks & Nay for the sour smell of soggy boots and trench foot at the end of the day.

Apres-shred activities: Basketball, football, swimming, stretching and strength work outs directed by the coaches.

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic: Probably bratwurst heavy.


USSC (Ultimate Snowboarding Summer Camp)
This one has been around for quite some time: a summer snowboard camp for Gouda-munching, Dutch-speaking slush slashers.

When to ditch work for this: July 17th - August 2nd

Wallet Damage:

499euros for one week
769euros for two weeks, including a custom USSC Bonfire hoodie

Yay or Nay: Yay for Dutch cuties/hunks & Nay for Dutch dudes who dance like door knobs (I don't even know that means, haha).

Apres-shred activities: Parties, quad biking, sledding, golf, BBQ's, goodie toss outs, exploring the wonderful world of Gouda cheese, and lots more fun stuff.

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic: Good mix of both, good for breeding minishreds of your own.

But Europe is blessed with (sadly, a rapidly dwindling) number of glaciers, and not only in the Alps. Scandinavia, especially Norway, stands unrivaled in the number and size of its glaciers and snowfields, as is natural at such a northernly latitude. Of course, the Scandis have a long tradition of summer shredding, as the snow softens up and days stretch out well into the wee hours of the morning. Which means that you don't have to wake up as the ass crack of dawn to make it up to the glacier before it all turns to glop, and often you will find yourself strapping in at three in the morning, a blazing blood red sky as your backdrop. And lest we forget, we are in Scandinavia, land of fair lasses, so there is no excuse to get your ass up there. Have a gander, these are the biggest camps in Scandiland, if you crave magical sunsets, a unique vibe and blond snow bunnies, this is the place for you.


This will be 'Fonna's 14th year of operation and it is better than ever, with more activities, more pro riders and more surprises without losing the laid-back, mellow vibe that this camp is known for.

When to ditch work for this: June 22nd - July 4th

Where the hell is it: Folgefonn, on the west coast of Norway, about an hour and a half drive from the city of Bergen. The camp offers a bus transfer from Oslo, which takes about 7 hours. This year you can also rock up to the glacier in style with the Nixon Limo service or if you are real baller in 'Fonna's own seaplane! All you high rollers check their site for more info.

Wallet Damage: 450euros gets you a week's worth of lift tickets, accommodation and daily bus transfer from base camp to the glacier (about 20 minutes away).

Playground: The park is pretty extensive and well-maintained, and includes pipes, boxes, wallrides, jumps, rails, a boardercross run and much more.

Yay or Nay: Yay for 2am sunset sessions and limited internet access & Nay for the ridiculously expensive adult beverages and food.

Rest Your Tired Bones: Whatever type of accommodation you find yourself in, guaranteed it will be pretty basic. There are houses or cabins, which are simply furnished but clean and user friendly. The houses all have toilets and showers, while the cabins do not. But fear not cabin-dwellers, you have access to the free communal shower and bathroom building on the camp grounds. 'Fonna's idea is to offer you high-level snowboard instruction and many activities, not a five-star hotel experience.

Grub & Munchies: Food is NOT included in the price, so make sure to bring extra money otherwise you will go hungry, pilgrim. The camp has very limited facilities for making food, for those staying in the cabins there are no fridges and the only way to cook food is to poach the kitchens in the guest houses. There is a kiosk on the camp grounds that is open daily and serves sandwiches, baguettes, chips, fruit, yoghurt, chocolate, waffles, hot and cold drinks. This is the place to go for breakfast and maybe get something for lunch as well. From 5:30 to 10:00 PM the camp food tent is open for dinner, offering a variety of fare from hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, salads and a daily "special". The food in both the kiosk and the tent is always reasonably priced by Norwegian standards, which means if you come from Europe you will probably find it exhorbitant. If you're on a shoestring budget, your best bet is to hit the regular supermarkets in the town of Jondal, where 'Fonna has its base camp.

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic: Most likely you won't be overwhelmed by the amount of lovely ladies in camp per se, but this is Scandinavia after all, so expect the local lasses to be on the prowl for some fresh meat to sink their teeth into.

Booze Spots: Not much on tap here, basically "The Barn" pub will be open every other day so either stock up on your own booze or you'll have to sleep off that hangover before you can start working on your next corker. By the way, the legal drinking age is 18 in Norway and is strictly enforced, so all you lil shred rats are basically on the abstinence program.

Apres-shred activities: Located at base camp are two large structures where the kitchen, kiosk and entertainment systems are located. There you can check out the latest music and the newest surf, skate and snowboard videos. They also have the newest consoles (Xbox360, Wii and PS3) and games available for campers. There is one full-sized vert ramp and three minis to skate, one covered for guaranteed fun on those rainy afternoons and two outdoors. There are also four large trampolines, a football pitch and volleyball courts. The camp is located next to a small lake so you can swim, sunbathe or use one of the small boats for a spot of fishing. Wakeboarding is also available, depending on the weather and demand. All activities are free and can be booked in advance at the kiosk. If you feel like it there will be seminars given by specialists on board waxing and repairs nightly. Oh, and let's not forget the welcome parties and weekly BBQs!

Free Ride: Not likely, as 'Fonna are pretty strict about access to their park. Not to mention if you miss the bus, there is no way to get to the glacier on foot, unless you are down for some serious hiking.

Local Knowlege: Most campers here are over 18, and the whole camp experience is geared towards an older crowd, so if you are a grom this might not be the ideal place for you.

Hecox AS - Snowboard Norge has organized this camp for 21 years now, so they must be doing something right. Their slogan, “No one too experienced, no one too inexperienced” reflects the unique spirit of this camp, which is carefully tailored to suit the need of snowboarders from absolute beginners to experienced shredders.

When to ditch work for this:
June 15th - June 19th

Where the hell is it?: Stryn Summer Ski Center, located on the Jostedalsbreen glacier in the midst of the Norwegian fjords.

Wallet Damage:
3,300 NOK (approximately 370euros) gets you a 5-day lift pass and coaching. Please note that lodging, food and daily transfers to the glacier are NOT included in this price.

Playground: Lots of jumps, fun boxes, some rails and big jumps. Actual features are contingent on snow conditions, so check out for more info.

Yay or Nay:
Yay for making your first turns on a snowboard in a tee shirt on soft, slushy snow & Nay for no real organized camp activities.

Rest Your Tired Bones: Accommodation is not offered by the camp, so it's up to you to sort your own lodging needs out. Folven Camping is the nearest camping ground to the glacier, and you can either rent a bed in one of the pre-fab huts or bring your tent. If you can't live without modern amenities, book a room at the Hjelle Hotel, more info at

Grub & Munchies: You are responsible for preparing your own breakfast and lunch. Basic ingredients are available at the food store (conveniently located) across the street from Folven Camping. For dinner, there is a fixed price menu available daily at the camp restaurant for NOK 95 to NOK 150 (10 - 15 €) until 9 PM. There are a few restaurants minutes away for the adventurous eaters who wish to explore other culinary options during their stay.

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic: Given the rustic conditions, we are betting that not too many chicas make the trek up to Stryn, but never forget that this is Scandinavia and the woman of your dreams could be milking a cow in a field somewhere.

Booze Spots: We've never been, so we aren't too sure where to head for tasty adult beverages, but it is Norway so there are bound to be some (ridiculously priced) bars somewhere near the glacier.
Apres-shred activities: This camp doesn't have much to offer in terms of organized apres-activities, so it's entirely up to you to create your own fun.

Free Ride: Not that hard to poach the park as long as you make your own way there, although you obviously will be missing out on the coaching, which is done by top Norwegian shred monkeys.

Local Knowledge: If you are staying in the "deluxe" cabins you should bring your own bed sheets and towels. If you are staying in a standard cabin, bring your sleeping bag and a towel. Remember to wax your board for wet snow conditions.


COC is the brontosaurus of summer camps, huge park, big names, big town, big fun. Hard to not like this place. Grab your spot quick because all their sessions are almost sold out already. Giddy up kid, and get in there!
When to ditch work for this:

(8 day session start dates)
Camp A - Saturday, June 20, 2009
Camp B - Saturday, June 27, 2009
Camp C - Saturday, July 04, 2009
Camp D - Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where the hell is it? Whistler, B.C., hour and a half drive from Vancouver, Canada.

Wallet Damage: 1575euros for a session with housing + airport transfer.

Playground: Triple the size of any summer camp anywhere.

Yay or Nay: Yay for benefits of a big town (and a big park) alongside beautiful vistas & Nay if you thought you were gonna be lost in the woods, miles from McDonald's and the rest of civilization, this might not be the best place for escaping the rat race...

Rest Your Tired Bones: "The Dorm" aka a non-overcrowded, fart-filled cabin.

Grub & Munchies: Tons of restaurants/cafes ranging from pizza, sushi, Mexican, Indian, and Italian.

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic: Not bountiful but not a total weiner roast either.

Booze Spots:
If you are of legal age (and it is 18 in Canada), there are plenty of spots to get loose and boozy at. But heed this warning: shake your swerve off as soon as you get back to camp and head to your quarters because they don't want you advertising your sorry state to the younger campers (or puking on them). Then again, take care of your own accomadations and you can smear your drunk all over the place.

Apres-shred activities: 8-screen movie theater, 3 lakes for swimming, paintball and three skate parks (concrete).

Free Ride: Not likely to ride for free unless you're a true con man, but at least you won't be stranded in the middle of nowhere if patrol picks you off.

Local Knowledge:
If you are Canadian, the 8-day and longer Deluxe and Standard camps qualify for the $500 Canadian government active kids tax credit. Watch your mouth in Whistler Village, if you swear or use profanity loud enough, you can be arrested!


Get lost deep in the woods of Mt Hood and get a bit more of that "camp" feeling while letting loose on the glacier, skating at BOB and getting lost in the woods of Mt. Hood.

Where the hell is it?: Mt. Hood, Oregon, USA.

Wallet Damage: $1,118 - $1,439 depending on which session.

Playground: Not as extensive as the other North American summer camps but still has sick rails and a proper pipe with a bit more of that warm and fuzzy place to get your summer slashing on.

Yay or Nay:
Yay for rad snow and skate sessions (the new skate facilities are SICK) & Nay if you dont like sharing the slopes with skibladers.

Rest Your Tired Bones:
In cozy shred cabins.

Grub & Munchies:
Cafeteria delights.

Booze Spots: Not really the spot for this scene.

Apres-shred activities:
Probably the best apres-shred skate facilities in North America, plus both traditional and non-traditional camp activities including fishing, Simon Says, karaoke, talent shows, dance parties, making your own stickers and T-shirts to arts and crafts. Dont forget about the massive foam pits, where you can huck your carcass for hours on end without getting hurt.

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic: Good amount of both, a bit of a younger crowd.

Free Ride:
Not exactly poachable but not impossible either, just throw down like a pro and maybe they will let you shred their park for free...or else there is always the rock star outfit option.

Local Knowledge:
Eddie Wall came to Windells as an unknown skateboarder and left as a pro snowboarder after one summer of working at camp, many brands including Bonfire, Rome, and Grenade were launched during summers at Windells.

High Cascade Snowboard Camp are celebrating their 20th Anniversary this summer, so you know they know what's up. Government Camp is full of high-profile US pros hanging around, coaching, and just basically taking a break from having cameras following them around all the time.

When to ditch work for this:
Session 1- June 15th - 23rd
Session 2- June 25th - July 3rd
Session 3- July 6th - July 14th
Session 4- July 17th - July 25th
Session 5- July 28th - Aug 5th
Session 6- Aug 8th - Aug 15th

Where the hell is it?: Government Camp, Oregon, USA.

Wallet Damage: Youth camps: $1,785 - $2,100 per session, depending on session and housing type; Adult camps: $935 - $2,000, depending if you provide your own housing.

HCSC's private park is overflowing with features of all shapes and sizes: super-pipes, mini-pipes, flat bars, round bars, boxes, tables, ledges, hips, small jumps, super-kickers, wall-rides, quarter-pipes and more!

Yay or Nay:
Yay for constant maintenance, hot snow, and a brand-new drag lift & Nay if you are intimidated by pros lapping the same jumps as you

Rest Your Tired Bones:
Boy's lodge (dorm-like), boy's/girl's chalets (house-like) in Government Camp aka Govie, or use a log in the woods as a pillow if you're an adult and short on cash (you probably won't be alone this year...).

Grub & Munchies:
Tasty camp grub made by fellow shredders, specialized Japanese food cooks, and a whole lot of marshmallows.

Booze Spots:
Down by the river, plenty of people getting boozy down in Govie too.

Apres-shred activities: Dodgeball, Japanese lessons, waterfall hikes, yoga, The Talent Show, dance parties, whitewater rafting, wakeboarding, paintball, thrift store shopping, skate park get the deal, if you overdose on shred you can detox on plenty of other fun.

Broverdose vs. Estrogenic
: Plenty of chicas but not the majority.

Free Ride: If you are trying to poach, dress up in snow camo and hop on an all-white board and people might mistake you for wind, otherwise it's pretty hopeless.

Local Knowledge: Cobra Dog weiners are delish. Ewoks live in the woods, or they might be unshaven hippies gathering firewood, it's hard to tell the difference.

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