Avatarticle: Yale Cousino 3D


Once again Method is here to push jibstick journalism to the next level with what we like to call an "Avatarticle". Armed with Go Pro HD's, we are trying to let you couch sloths and poor office-ridden souls be one of your favorite riders for a day. No the title wasn't wrong, it's in 3D. It's not in the sense shit is gonna be flying at your face and you're gonna fall out of your chair. Well, you might hit the floor, but in the Method sense of 3D. The article is chock-full of photos, videos, and text to basically put you in the rider's bindings without ever having to actually shiver your buns on a mountain ever again. (Well, we actually hope this inspires you to get off your keester, and get out to live all dimensions of true life shredding.)

So, Yale Cousino is an old friend of mine from the days when I ran around the USA as a happy little immigrant, armed with a green card which gave me the same rights as the rest of the 'Mericans, except for the right to vote, become president or stab anyone. We got involved in projects like Disciple Mag and Trash Attack! The Movie. He's from Lincoln, Vermont but he rained terror from coast to coast at rail jams and comps. He eventually brought the pain over to the Euro side and put the hurt on the Livigno River Jump event. This year I finally got a chance to make my way to this remote resort to see my homie and other good friend Sky Gale, and witness some of the most face-frying kicker boosting to date.

Let Yale give you the lowdown of the contest and his history at this event in this video journal that went down in the Porta-Toilet!

So he grabbed fourth on the first day at the Brux Slopestyle Contest. Check some pics.

Yale corkin' it out in the Livigno Park at the Brux slopestyle comp. Photo by Cusino Murio

Yale tossing up a pizza spin off the mozzarella cheese wedge. Photo by Cusino Murio

Things only really got served up hot by Yale on the final day event. Over the years Yale has become a home town hero of sorts in Livigno and he took 1st against a pretty beefy line-up of fresh meats. The ambiance was blazing amazing, with the indefatigable Jon Weaver on the mic along with those two Italian yelling machines. Plus, they had the great idea of giving us metallic stands to sit in, which made for great foot drums to hype the place up to 1000 percent!

Peep a couple of Yale's runs from the night and a true life Trash Attack! Thanks to Alex Schiller for hooking up the action shots.(Watch in full screen!)

Cab 5 over the River Jump. Photo by Cusino Murio

The old rifle takes the cake from the young guns at the end of the night, winning 1st place and Best Trick on the Burn can in the jib section. Photo by Cusino Murio

Once all was done and celebrated, I wanted Yale to see that Europe was more than cheese town Livigno, so we hopped on some trains and ran off to schnitzel town: Mayrhofen in the Zillertal. Once there, we caught ourselves a perfect blue bird day to run laps in the Penken Park.

Check the Avatar cam and see what its like to pull back 9 truck drivers with ease and switch front blunt 270 out with some "geez louise" steeze.(Watch in full screen!)

Click here to check this week's Method.TV Episode 28.2 to check Yale and friends mash it up in the Penken Park. Footy from Tom Elliott on his first day out with the 7D.

Americans on the loose in the Austrian Alps

Yale saws up the sky with this back niner. Photo by Landon Stirling

Truck drivin' on the Austrian skyway. Photo by Landon Stirling

Throwing the late shifty on this rotation for flavor points. Photo: Landon Stirling

When not on the hill in Mayrhofen, there were radlers on baskeball courts with the Harpooners, Moustache Mondays at the Gasthof Zillertall, and a few strolls in the woods to feed the soul (and grab some shots for the Sky Gale's Log Blog).

Ready with Radlers for some Beer Ball. Sky Gale, ADT, Tom Elliot, & Yale. Photo by Isabelle Gilbert

After a good night, ideas for Trash Attack! 3 were tossed around over Jameson and toasted broccoli. We'll see if that happens, but one thing is for sure, Yale will be back in the Alps next season for another round of turning pants brown!

Yale and Sky not quite making it to their beds after a good night.

Wrap up video journal on the Zillerbahn to the airport: