Bonfire Snowboarding Pipe to Pipe

Bonfire Snowboarding Company is putting the pipe back in Pipe to Pipe at the world’s longest running summer snowboard event July 10th at Windells Snowboard Camp on Mt. Hood.

Riders can expect a 150-foot long half pipe filled with a full mix of features and jibs for unlimited creativity created throughout the course, created specifically for the event by Windell’s dig staff, led by Head Digger Keaton Pearson.

This long-standing event is a chance for Ams to ride with the Pro’s including Bode Merrill, Jed Anderson, Desiree Melancon and the Bonfire and Salomon teams.  The jam style format, sideline contests, prizes and free food make this an event you won’t want to miss. 

Registration is free and starts the morning of the event at 9am. Space is limited and arriving early is encouraged.  

The skate event will take place in the new concrete park at Windell’s and is sponsored by Creature, Independent Trucks and OJ wheels. Registration starts at 5pm at Windell’s skate park.  

Snow event sponsors include Windells Snowboard Camp, Bonfire Snowboarding, Gatorade, Salomon Snowboards, Skullcandy, Timberline, Magical Go-Go and POM POM.

About Bonfire Pipe To Pipe

The Bonfire Pipe to Pipe was started by Tim Windell and Bonfire founder Brad Steward to bring the summer snowboard community together for one day of snowboarding, skateboarding, BBQ and fun.  The doors of Windell’s private camp are open to the public for one day only.  Join the fun! 

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