Group Effort Movie - Donate to Watch

With the video only going live a couple of days ago and the only way to watch it is to send proof of donation to the Dillon Ojo Foundation or any Black Lives matter charity, the guys from 'Group Effort' have already reached $1000 in donations! Once you've donated you get a password for the everyone is a winner!

The movie features riders from all over the US, all in it for the love. It's a group effort. Riders include Tanner Seymour, Mitch Holtz, Ayrton Lehmann, Stephon Deifer, Christian Sparks, Kyler Duncan, kyle Chudoba, steve Lauder, Kyle Roles, Matt Krie, Jeremy Dahlby, Tory Ward, Tom Higgins, Mac Webb, Mark Pairitz, Theo Caye and friends

Filmed by: Tom Higgins, Mac Webb & Cody Holmes

Edited: Mac Webb

Here's the link to the Dillon Ojo Foundation where you can donate any amount you can. CLICK HERE

Send a screen shot of your donation to Mac Webb at his instagram handle @sweaterpuppet or @groupeffort_themovie to recieve the password and then sit back and enjoy!