Have a Go on the Äsmo

As you can see in this edit, Äsmo Powsurfers are a whole lot of fun. They connect winter pleasures to the summer-like feeling of gliding down a wave without being strapped to your board, or just skating around and not falling on hard concrete as you would on the streets. Altogether, the Äsmo combines all the good aspects of standing sideways and harnesses the raw energy of powder.

Wolle Nyvelt and Stefan Gruber, founders and owners of the Austrian brand, express their concept like this:

These special boards not only embody a whole new challenge of balance on your snowboard but are also very nice to look at. Several artistically gifted friends of Wolle got down and created some absolutely unique boards.

Äsmo Powsurfers comes in several shapes and types and are now available to the general public!

Check out aesmo.at for more information or send an email to info@aesmo.at for the full skinny!