AIR & STYLE Sandwich

Here we were, sitting at the top of the biggest week of the season. We had ISPO sandwiched in between two Air & Style contests with no room to breathe, but just like actual snowboarding, even if it seems like whatever you're about to hit is going to be hectic and you're not quite sure you'll come out okay, you just tighten your bindings one last time and yell, "DROPPING!" Enjoy this double feature full of photos and videos from the two slices of A&S bread from each end of the past week. First up is Innsbruck, presented by Billabong and the Munich report follows. So settle in for a huge overdose of awesomeness!

Peter König & Antti Autti were locked and loaded for the comp. Photo by Florian TrattnerNot sure who this is but dude is sending it deep during training. Photo by Florian TrattnerÖfi from Pleasure getting the skinny from the Smits bros. Photo by Florian Trattner

Werni Stock cooking up some trouble in training, the locals are waiting for the year Werni takes it all. Your day will come, homie! Double corker front 10.Photo by Florian Trattner

Peter König from Zillertal was a crowd pleaser too. Photo by Florian TrattnerJulia Baumgartner feeding event announcer Henry Jackson before the comp, boy burns a lot of calories on the microphone. Photo by Florian Trattner.Nils packs a lot of style into a little package, flat spin front 10 melon pokerBurton bros, Marc McLovin & Marko Grilc put on their game faces. Photo by Florian TrattnerMcMorris is the man! Photo by Florian TrattnerNight enveloped IBK and the finals began...Photo by ADT

The kicker and the crowd were ready. Photo by ADTThousands came to pay homage to the Burn can. Photo by ADTSecurity was tight as usual, making sure no one try to pop the Burn can. Photo by ADTThen I found the Glueman and the night went downhill from there... Dude, I got so high on that glue! Photo by ADT

NOW I WANT TO SNIFF SOME GLUE! Glue after-effects... Photo by ADTI decided to hang low in the top bleachers with the IBK neon thugs till I pulled myself together. Photo by ADTSeppe chucking a mean BS12 double cork. Photo by ADTMGMT dropped and everyone went nuts, I had to get out of there fast! Photo by ADTI ran into the cops in front of Club Burn, I was too wasted to get in, they said I'd had enough...Photo by ADT

So I decided to head down and enjoy one of my favorite punk bands growing up, the mighty Pennywise! Check out the last 10 seconds of their set with the uber-classic Bro Hymn.

The night was just getting started though... While this kid smoked his hooka, the riders were smoking the kicker. Photo by Florian Trattner.Touts aiming for the top of the podium as usual. Photo by Florian Trattner.Alas it wasn't meant to be, Sage Kotsenburg knocked Seb Touts out with this furious BS1440. Photo by Florian TrattnerNils was looking solid into the night, this kid seriously RIPS. Photo by Florian TrattnerP2D2 BS10 Double Cork almost to the flat. Photo by Florian Trattner

Bottoms up, kids! First and second for Mark and Seppe. Photo by ADT


I decided to take another hit of glue under the kicker. Photo by ADT.Bad idea... I came out and I was in a total glue hole. Horton & Sani. Photo by ADTThen a chicken came out of nowhere. Things were getting weird and I was trying to keep my mind from spinning out of control....Photo by ADTI tried to film the TTR microphone thinking I could steal their interviews. I know, I know, I was beyond wasted, okay? Photo by ADTI almost lost it when I saw Öfi in a dress. Photo by ADT

 and when I saw Mo with this number on, I just left... Photo by ADT

So after a week of ISPO (check out our posts in the blog section, fool!) it was time for the return of the Air & Style to Munich presented by Nike 6.0, so this time we got high on Bavarian beer! 

I came out of the woods and my eyes fell upon the massive metal mountain constructed inside the Olympic Stadium. Photo by ADT.

This was the setup for the 6.0 Stairset Battle... PSYCH! Photo by ADTKoski taking in the view of the beasty booter. Photo by Maria Ferres.Sage seemed happy and ready to rip. Photo by Maria Ferres.Halldor cranked out a beauty of a method on his first hit in practice. Photo by Frode Sandbech/Nike 6.0Seb Touts was heating things up and popping all types of corks in training. He told me later it was the best he's ever ridden in a training session. Photo by Maria FerresEthan Morgan getting some practice for the next Paris-Dakar rally. Photo by Maria Ferres.

Peep this little course check with Seppe Smits and Jamie Nicholls on the kicker and meet some of the Stairset riders:

The Olympic Stadium in Munich is one of the coolest architectural feats I've ever seen, super sweet sunset shot by Frode Sandbech/Nike 6.06.0 Stairset Battle line-up... STACKED! Photo by Maria FerresJuan Polanco from Spain made it to the Stairset finals with his sleepy stee. Photo by Maria FerresTom Guilmard and his buddy Johnny Cash! Photo by Maria FerresDenis aka Bonus from Russia is going to single-handedly respark the Cold War with his rail moves. Photo by Maria FerresDanny R doing it dirty through the kink, this kid gets a big LIKE! from us. Photo by Maria Ferres

Second angle on Danny's nasty frontboard thru the stinky kinky Photo by Frode Sandbech/Nike 6.0

Eiki was feeling the set up, back one fakie tailpress in a heated practice session Photo by Frode Sandbech/Nike 6.0

Keegan is a fucking BOSS! Back lip to fakie on the close out, WHAT? Sequence by Frode Sandbech/Nike 6.0Rubber neckers at the heavy training session on the stairset. Artsy fartsy photo by Maria FerresHi, Gulli!

Forest chuckin' some hot garbage at the round bar Photo by Frode Sandbech/Nike 6.0Casanova letting everyone know he is back. Photos by Maria FerresNejc Ferjan is a huge dude but still so buttery...Photo by Maria FerresBeefing up for the big show. Photo by ADT.Mine too! Locker room talk with Keegan, Mason and the Gnarly boys as Forest switches blades. Photo by ADTTom G. droppin' a turd on the ledge in semis, front board back to regs. Photo by ADT.Gulli gapping the double kink, tip grab to lipslide. Photo by ADT.Casanova cooking up some killer moves. Super clean hardway cab 270 back lip back to regs. Photo by ADT

Top 8 were left standing for finals. Photo by ADT

Here is Casanova's winning hammer. Look out for the Nike 6.0 edit of the semis/finals out real soon...


And then we had a quick chat...

UPDATE: Here is the Helgasons fire Stairset edit!

Stairset Battle WIENERS! Photo by Frode Sandbech/Nike 6.0

Gulli and Eiki with their better halves. Photo by ADT.Danny Rajcsanyi & Wessel Van Lierop, both these dudes RIP! Photo by ADTDominik Wagner & sad Swoboda, who couldn't ride in the main event due to a nasty hipper. Next year, homie! Photo by ADTPierre Rue repped well for the Frenchies, look out for him in the next Homies flick this fall. Photo by ADT.Eirik Nesse is a young Norwegian kid who will be making mucho noise in the future. Look for him in Next Production movies. Photo by ADTWith the way he rides, I thought he would have rhino legs under them baggy jeans... Wojtek getting hit by the paparazzi! Photo by ADTEveryone was drinking like Hell, I mean they were drinking Hell beer! Photo by ADTFlo Achenrainer is a huge weirdo but a good kid, look out for him in the MOG movies. Photo by ADTCasanova keeping the peace and taking home the win. Photo by ADTButters and John from Gnarly looking fly, all layered up with souvenir scarves from Air & Style. Photo by ADTOnce the Patrice show was over it was Big Air Time!Mad heads Photo by Frode Sandbech/Nike 6.0Die Munchener jugend Photo Frode Sandbech/Nike 6.0Forest & Keegan checking out the kids on the kicker. They love big air! Photo by ADT

UPDATE: Here is the official TTR wrap-up clip:

Check out the runs of the top 3 finishers: Halldor Helgason (3rd), Seppe Smits (2nd), and Peetu Piiroinen taking the top spot! But first check out this vid of some wacky Lobster Flips that Halldor was trying...Peetu keeping that top TTR spot, kid is basically an unstoppable stomping machine

Lobster caught in a net, Halldor's snowboarding is such a breath of fresh air Photo by Frode Sandbech/Nike6.0Nils was doing the sickest flat spin front 12 melons with a stall right before the last 180 Photo by Frode Sandbech/Nike 6.0Peetu on the top block once again, props to Seppe for being who I feel is the rider to make the podium most consistently, and props to Halldor for bringing some creativity and seafood to the big spin-off.

These dudes must ruin a lot of outerwear kits with the champagne showers... Photo Frode Sandbeach/Nike 6.0Gerben be guzzlin' some George. Photo by ADTParty chunks! Photo by ADTForest Bailey is one Gnarly creature, homie is going home with 3rd in the Stairset Battle. Photo by ADT.Next morning we saw our good friend and TTR Head Judge Kiwi Meier trying to get back on his feet after his terrible surfing accident, GET WELL SOON BRO!!! Photo by ADT.Au revoir, Farid! See you next year, Munich! Photo by ADT