Fear & Beer at Hintertux

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Thank god this vicious summer of promises unkept is over. No buzz is gonna last forever, even if you thought this time it just might. Just last month, Method editor-in-chief Mike Goodwin and I got ripped off by a penguin as we were about to launch a Tuxedo start-up. We hired this slick penguin named Johnny as our spokesperson and the dodgy bugger shambled off with all our money. But that’s just how it goes sometimes, I guess.

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Clemens Millauer sends it to the spikes

Now it’s back to known territory, fellow soldiers of the cold. We don’t need to wear bikinis in order to be dissatisfied with our bodies anyway. And we don’t need sweet-talking penguins to take away our dignity and pride. We can get that shit for free: Time to log in a few slams and get vertical. 

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No shade for Marko Grilc

Openings per definition are the place and time for cineastic pleasures and we hit up the theaters friday night for the Method Movie premiere. This was a personal premiere for me as well, as it was probably the first time I didn’t watch a movie on my ex-girlfriends Netflix account in over a year.

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Clemens loves his metal too

The Method flick was a full stunner with our favorite underdogs shredding your face off in this hellbent mission of gnar. Shout out to everyone involved for keeping it raw and banging and shout out to the talent scouts for landing a full Jerry Maguire. Oh, and fuck your slow-mos, everyone else. 

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Sorry there are no photos from the Method Movie Premiere, I guess you'll just have to take our word for it. 

Go-Shred BBQ  was lit.
See it away...