Life Elevated - Tyler Chorlton & Len Jorgensen on the PAX3

The whole ‘weed is bad’ argument is pretty much irrelevant in 2020. There are definitely a lot of people out there who still use weed just to get stoned, but the public perception of cannabis is definitely shifting, with more focus being put on the benefits of the neat little plant, rather than its downsides. It helps many people relieve chronic pain and anxiety, and the consumption of CBD has also been found to help reduce seizures and also the inflammation of the intestines. Inhaling a burning plant into your lungs is probaby not the smartest thing though, so what do you do if you want an alternative? Well, you either eat your green, or vape it. This is an article about vaping, not cooking.

I recently met with PAX to talk about their sleek looking vaporisers. For the first part of the conversation they solidly avoided using the word weed, which I thought was quite funny. The terms ‘flower’ and ‘loose leaf herbs’ were banded around a lot, but that’s just the language these guys have to use in order to sell their product globally, because opinions and laws on weed unfortunately vary depending on where you are in the world. PAX products are not specifically designed to be filled with cannabis or CBD (and PAX make no claims or endorsements about the health benefits of doing so) but if you want to, then they happen to work pretty well.  

Anyway, I’m digressing. PAX have supplied a few snowboarders with their latest product, the PAX 3. Among them are Tyler Chorlton and Len Jorgensen. Tyler was looking for a way to enjoy his green that that didn’t cause an inflammatory reaction to his body, and Len has been using his PAX to vape CBD to help him manage a stomach condition he’s recently been diagnosed with called ulcerative colitis. Here’s what they had to say about their experiences.

Tyler Chorlton

'I just prefer to vape flower rather than smoke it, I can’t stand the taste and disgusting feeling of burning flower these days. So my only option to seek anti-inflammation for my body was vaping. I tried a bunch on the market, and the PAX 3 was by far the best overall. It just fits seamlessly into my life.

It’s simple to use and clean, and it’s slick and discreet to transport. They’re like Apple products. It heats up really fast, and you can also use it for concentrates, oil and CBD hash. And when you’re done with your vape load you can grind it up for a second session. Or you can use it to make edibles and stuff because it’s still full of active ingredients. So you get three times the use out of your weed.'

Tyler and the PAX in action.

I also asked what he thought about CBD, as it’s something I don’t know much about. 

'The concrete evidence on CBD only really comes from CBD that also has THC in it, so they work together in full spectrum for the best results. CBD in your system on its own doesn’t do a lot. It helps for sure, but it’s nowhere near as powerful. It’s healthy to have at least a little bit of THC.'

So for those of you out there who think you’re all healthy for blazing your massive CBD joints, double check exactly what’s in it before you do, and maybe consider vaping the stuff instead of burning it.

© Theo Acworth Len charging in Laax for Method Movie 2.

Len Jorgensen

'The PAX 3 helps me consume CBD in a healthy way. I consume CBD either way, but I can feel that my body isn’t too fond of the smoke and tar when you put tobacco in your spliff. I like that the PAX is a mix between eating and smoking. When you eat CBD or THC it might take an hour or two before you feel it, and smoking hits you straight away, but the PAX is in the middle. 

The meds I’m taking for ulcerative colitis are pretty heavy. I have them via IV every six weeks, and I eat some other pills every day. but I definitely feel the effects of the condition when I stop consuming CBD/THC. The main thing is the consistency of my poop, thats pretty crucial. You want sturdy poop. I feel like CBD helps because when I consume it I have sturdy poop, which means the inside of my bowels are doing what they should be. I study my poop.

I like the design of the PAX 3 too. Small, sleek, good looking. They engraved it for me too, stoked on that. It’s easy to charge, easy to pack, it’s just easy. Only one button, so pretty idiot proof.'

So for those of you out there looking to change up the way that you enjoy your green, or perhaps looking for a way to experience the health benefits of CBD without smoking it, this sleek, simple and discreet gadget is definitely one to check out.

Our custom engraved PAX3. Thanks guys!