Mushroom Crew Banked Shalom 2021 - Photos & Video Recap

A highlight of the summer coming around is starting to see the content coming out of Fonna Glacier, prodominently orchestrated by the Mushroom Crew. You may know if their weekly park videos 'Fridays At Fonna'. Well, they also put on some really cool events up on the glacier, one being their very own rendition of a classic banked slalom. Theirs is of course the Banked Shalom and offers a little more abnormality than just banks of snow back and forth. The opportunities to win a coveted prize is also far broader. 

Check out the full recap video here followed by a sellection of photos from the event shot by Even Brekke & Chris Baldry.

 This years legends:


Torgeir Bergrem.          27,94 s
Len Roald Jørgensen.  28,07 s
Terje Håkonsen.           28,12 s


Hanne Eilertsen.         32,05 s
Dina Nesse.                35,55 s
Nora Frisvoll.              35,93 s

Hoffnarrs (kids):

Fabian Hertzberg.      35,11 s
Geo von Krogh.          40,03 s
Ingrid Lehovd.            44,24 s
Sindre.                        56,40 s

Other weird awards:

Masters of Switchness:

Len Roald Jørgensen.  30,47 s
Hanne Eilertsen.           37,32 s

Timelord: Renata Aulejtner, Guessed time: 37,00, Actual time: 36,68. Difference: 0,32

King of TittyCity: Last year’s StokeDelivirator! Fabian Hertzberg motorboating his way into eternity 

Best Skier on Board: Ferdinand Dahl 

Fastest Media Person: Even Brekke 29,94

Best Quarter Pounder Trick: Sindre Tveiten with a sweet sweet Bs Handplant.

Best snowskate run: Terje Håkonsen 32,77 s

New fart (Youngest Contestant): Sindre 10 y.o

Old Fart (Oldest Contestant): Henrik Lehovd 50 y.o

Best slam: Øystein Fornes He even managed to pull this one off before the practice was done. 

Best helmet: Emil Svendsbø. He was going so fast he needed a motorcycle helmet to keep him safe.

Vintage Warrior: Stian Karlssen Styling like he never left the 90´s with his Lib Tech Matt Cummins Radical Rick board.

Best effort: Trym Nordgaard, He did his best, but both his homies was faster then him, even going switch.

Bipolar Rider: Samuel Ærø This dude figured out he should ride faster switch than normal.



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