Patrick Hofmann "Brainwash" Video + Interview


You'll find Patrick turning heads as he laps Snowpark Laax on most given days of the winter. After recently finishing school and his Swiss compulsory Army training he's been on a tear showing the snowboarding world how creativity and style are at the forefront of his mind putting down some amazingly new and innovative moves that we're stoked to witness. Not without some knockbacks with a recent head injury, but he got back to it and presents this next level park edit from Snowpark Laax filmed and edited by Mojo Myrionymos B. 

Entering the Mind of Patrick Hoffman. We caught up with Pat to find out a little more about his past winter, dealing with a head injury and working out where all that style and creativity comes from...?


Where are you from and how did you get into Snowboarding? 

I’m from South Switzerland, we speak Italian there, in a region called Ticino. When I was 10 years old in ski school i’d always see snowboarders in the snowpark going over the colourful boxes and jumps and it really attracted me to it, and one day I tried and it just went on from there. Then, at some point I got into a local snowboard group, and then got into snowboard school at the age of 15. I was there for 6 years and got my college degree there. 

You also went to the Army right? This is something compulsory in Switzerland?

Yeah I actually went to the Army this summer. In Switzerland we have the opportunity to do this so called “Sports Army” where it gives you more chances to train more for your fitness and less of the military training. The first 3 weeks is military but then 15 weeks of just training. It’s a cool thing that we have this program, you train your ass off and get really fit. It’s much better than the regular military program everyone outside of sports has to do. We slam hard a lot snowboarding so it’s a great way to get stronger over summer before going back to riding.

How was your winter last season? 

So, I had a rough start in the beginning. I was training on the airbag a bunch and took too many tumbles there hitting my head back to back, and that started to give me headaches for over 3 months. Then I went to a special treatment centre for concussions and they treated me for a while and actually fixed me up pretty good, but it meant I didn't really have a pre-season riding. I started riding again around this time (December) and I had to build my confidence up as I was pretty scared to hit my head again. So instead of getting straight back into training and going big I decided to have a total break from the team and some competitions, and I decided instead of going big I’ll go super creative. That was also the idea of the project (Brainwash) to not go super big but try and push the creativity in the park without taking the insane risks of big rotations. Actually, after a rough start to my winter I really enjoyed my season, staying in Laax, I found a cheap apartment with my homies and we went up the mountain as much as possible and in the end we had a really good season.

You’ve always worn a helmet riding?

Yeah, I remember one Christmas holiday I did without a helmet because I thought it would look cool, but I realised it was just not worth the risk. I really feel safer, and when I want to try something new and I know my head is protected it gives me way more confidence, it’s one less thing to think about, I would recommend to all snowboarders out there to wear a helmet.

How did you deal with recovering from injuries?

Well, after you’ve had it checked out and got the professional help you’re at home and can’t snowboard so I like to try and pass the time with learning something new. Like one day I was trying a new recipe and other days I was doing a lot of juggling. I try to stay away from social media as I see all my homies having a good time and stuff, but it is really hard to do that, but I try to keep it to a minimum. It didn’t always work out though, haha. I also always try to catch up with my friends from my home town, that helps a lot. I also got help with mental health by being able to talk to a specialist, which this one called John Dahlquist is a skater too so he was really good to talk to and understands and I found it really relaxing. I think we shouldn’t be afraid to talk to someone if it helps, even if in the beginning you think it’s stupid, well that’s what I think anyway. 

What gets you most hyped to go ride? Give us your dream day riding?

Well, first of all, a big ass breakfast! So that you’re full of energy the whole day. Then you look up and it’s bluebird, I meet my homies on the mountain and we just shred the whole day. The other day actually in the morning we rode some pow and then after it got all shredded we took some afternoon park laps, that’s always a good day.

Can you tell us a little bit about your video “Brainwash” and how it came to be?

So yeah, this video came about because of my head injury. I needed to regain my confidence again and the opportunity to film just cruising the park and getting more creative and less gnarly was a really good way for me to learn new things without risking getting injured again. The title “Brainwash” comes from this difficult time at the start of the season with the concussion, but this concussion helped me look at things differently and be more creative than just go big.

I think you always have an emphasis on creativity and style. What inspires you to ride like you do?

Learning something new excites me. Similar to when I am injured too I like to try something new every day so when I’m snowboarding I find myself trying tricks and moves on features that maybe haven’t been tried before or often, riders like Rene [Rinnekangas] inspire me too, his riding is also outside the box, super interesting to watch him ride.

Any standout part of the video you’re most hyped on?

Yeah definitely the ender, I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time. I actually wanted to be the first one to do it but it turns out it already went down 10 or 15 years ago. People back in the days were really into one-foot tricks. When I landed that ender i had to cry almost, it was insane. I actually tried not to touch the jumps all season because of my head so it was one of the last days of the season and I thought ok, well if I get hurt now, whatever, I can take it easy over summer, ha. 

What are your ambitions in snowboarding at the moment. Are you wanting to compete, film, or something in-between?

I guess something in-between. It’s really nice to have the support of the national team and I really like to ride with the guys that push me in the team, but looking forward into the future I definitely want to stick to the filming side more. I want to keep thinking outside the box and figuring out new tricks to learn.

Also what’s life outside of snowboarding like for you?

Yeah I like to do other sports; skating, basketball, ping pong and I love spending time with my family when I’m around in summer.

Sick, well thanks for the chat Pat and all the best with the season ahead. See you in the mountains soon!