Print's Not Dead: D.O.P.E. II

The homies from D.O.P.E. put out our favorite movie this year, simply entitled D.O.P.E. II. This crew embodies everything we love about snowboarding: street, pow, proper style, legit tricks and good times with good friends (avec copious amounts of weed and booze). We love these dirtbags so much we did a print feature with them in our latest issue, it's available in shops now and also online right HERE. Check out the full movie then get behind the scenes with DB and the rest of this motley band of stony brothers.Is D.O.P.E. an acronym, does it mean anything besides the fact that you guys made a dope flick with dope riders and dope tricks at dope spots?
(David Brocklebank) I don't know… It's whatever you want it to be! We are all just a bunch of dirtbags in Canada with nothing worthwhile to film for, so we started our own shit.

How much weed did you guys need to spell out the title of the movie?
That was my roommate Martin's half pound of purple kush. Nig's a boss.
DB is hyped on his new hookahD.O.P.E. = C.R.E.A.M.Prism maniaFuckin' BOOM!Gnarly!Poppin' pillowsThis dude is legit as fuck
Tell us a bit about the riders, are you guys all homies or is there a selection process for the line-up?
We're all mad homies, some different than others but we all seem to get along. There is no selection process for the line-up, we just board with our homies and film. Some dudes stack more clips than others and get parts, others just keep the homies seg-y tight as fuck with either a smoking lifestyle or getting crazy on their board.

Is Alex Stathis okay after getting that stair massage on his skull? Fuckin' GNARLY slam...
Duh… Nig's a beast!!
Stathis, duh!Stathis is pushing a fly whipPower moves, baby!Live music in the D.O.P.E. party bus
Is Kael Hill the world's biggest dirtbag? We love how much he just doesn't give a fuck.
We feel the same way. That kid's straight fucked!!! He's got the world at his fingertips and all you haters fooled. If you look back on some of his old footy on Youtube, him and his best friend Nash were at the forefront of new-school jibbing with an endless bag of tricks and style for daysssssssss. Seriously kids, do your fucking homework!
Kael making sweet love to some (b)ouzo
We think this might be the best snowboard movie cover of all time, is that a real shot of a crackhead getting a blowjob?
Fuck yes! My good buddy Logan Haubrich went down to the big city last spring to get an iPhone. He bought the damn thing, walked across the street and snapped 2 lovers in the park...  
Jus' livin'...Mounties!The finished product
How much dope was consumed during the making of this movie?
I wouldn't know… Half the crew probably smokes an eighth a day, the other half smokes but doesn't chronic out.
E-Man, man-sized hitAll sorts of awesome going on hereHA!Park blazin'OE for life!
What's in the works for D.O.P.E. 3?
Everything. We're pulling out all the stops for this one so watch the fuck out.
11% Skateboarding, 89% SlutsD.O.P.E, thasss whassup!Wooooooo!This is the in run......for THIS!PBR ice creamMelon to fakieNo comment...E-Man is down with BozwreckThe Party Snake homies are down to get downTasted like chicken!Cat or chicken?Busted... again!Single malt wursts for everyone!This guy!Beer? Check. Jager? Check. Hard drive? Uh, check?DB's on that Platinum Program at Mickey D'sBong art
- My kid
- Milk
- Dope
- Nolan

- BDFPNLOCITA (Balls Deep First Push No Lube Or Condom In The Ass)

- School
- Handplants
- Michalchuk
- Dr. Dre
- My family

- Meth
- American customs
- Gay sex
- Twin tip skis
- Snowboard fashion
Bongs, burgers and beer!Yep!Dead soldier"Can't get famous doing pussy shit!" Bozung back in the True Life daysE-Man's set upMobbin' out at the spotLayne Treeter is a BEAST!What's up, dawg?Footy party
- Stiffy's Boardshop  
- Skateboarding
- Gnarly Clothes

- No snow
- Grouse
- Hi backs
- Norts

You can download your own full quality copy of D.O.P.E. II right HERE!