The O'Neill Evolution of the Revolution

So the O'Neill Evolution 2011 wrapped up this weekend and what an uprise it caused. As most of you know revolution also means rotations. Snowboarding is actually in the middle of a sort of revolution of revolutions right now. The kids competing these days have pushed the levels so high that all the older guys without a double or at least a 1080 completely on lock are not even showing up any more. Plus the judges have gotten picky to the point that only the impeccable runs will make the cut. Nonetheless, the new generation has risen to the occasion and it's not as much of a revolution but an (O'Neill) Evolution at this point. Mad props to all the riders who are pushing the level of snowboarding to an unimaginable degree of technical difficulty and flawless execution. Personally, we might like our snowboarding a little dirtier and less death-defying, but that doesn't take away how amazing these guys and gals are for doing what they do. Peep some shots of the aerial action to see what we mean and get some sideline snaps of people that came out to witness this legendary moment of human (r)evolution...

The crowds were out for the finals, apparently a lot of the bourgeoisie of Davos were attracted by the 6 star TTR-rated pipe.The Swiss Family Robinson came through, poodles and all....Even the skiers came to take a look at the sick stunts that they can't do with their cross-country planks...The Swiss had plenty to wave their flags about after their riders swept the men's pipe finalAll types of production crews were in the house geeking the fuck out!Some nerds were trying to race the Jacobshorn gondola, it was a close race...While some were geeking other were getting "down to buisness". Jon Weaver, Nike Euro Mega Boss; Sani Alibabic, Burton TM & Gary Greenshields, Quiksilver TMFreddy Evensen helping out speaker Dave Mailman on the mic when not poppin' up top for his runsA lot of other familiar faces were hanging about, Freddy Austbo was showing off his sketchy stache......and his FU ring along with his new TM's Scottish knuckle shield.Some Frenchies were in the house, Victor Daviet was running around yelling "HARA KIRI!"Swiss Mademoiselle Nadija took 6th in pipe, but took 1st for smiles :)Volcom's main mountain man Jan Prokes checking in, sweet beard homie!Grilo was came through but didn't ride, he's warming up for a big next few weeks. He is probably one of the oldest farts that still shows up to catapult his corpse at these big comps Everyone loves Gummi, feel free to hit him up for a rubber if ya need one!Peetu Piiroinen grabbing his tip for some extra credit on the last wall

Getting the post-run debriefing from "coach" Weaver, unfortunately Peetu was absent from all the podiums at EvolutionYou think Peetu is small, you should see the kids that look up to himJust imagine what the fuck craze-ass tricks the O'Neill Evolution 2018 is gonna see when this kid show up...

 Hitsch Haller backside 540 fresh as fuck melon, as he styled his way to the top spot without chucking a double. Seems like judges are finally giving style & flow their due... Congrats buddy!Even this old hippy came out of the wild for some double fist pumping!Champ-pain sweep shower! Haller 1st, Iouri 2nd, & Jan Sherrer took 3rdTouts and McMorris chillin' like villains before Slopestyle finals, meanwhile Willet is straight nappin' in the back.Darkness settled in eventually for Saturday night's men's Slopestyle finals.Gian Simmen kept the German-speakers in the audience informed on all the wacky stunts going downFrode Sanbech sniping bangers for the world to seeIt was nice to see this warm-up mega method by I-PodAleks Oestreng hucked himself into the finals with some mean moves, I personally dig this kid's style a lot!Tor Lundstrom, with love from goes out to Vernon Deck for the idea and aperture coaching for this shotThe rail zone was going off down below.All cameras on Touts, homie has his Tootsie Roll on lock and he threw the key away somewhere over there in the snow, good luck finding it...Marc McMorris basically never let's go of his grabs. This kid is a mean lean Canadian machine! Photo by AlbaDouble Helix Double Cork, Touts getting twisted!The Freecaster broadcast booth was poppin'! Silvia Mittermüller & Anthony Smits watching alongside Henry Jackson and Benny Wetscher crew to see if Seppe could take the win on the last run of the night. Apparently the judges were not too impressed with his perfect run and Seppe landed in 4th.The chopper dudes finally put this octo-propellered DSLR heli back in its hanger to cool off for the night.Henry Jackson moistens his tired tongue with Sani and Gary at the Evolution after-party.Tore Hovik enjoying some free drinks.Linn Haug jumping into the mixSarka had her party pants on, as alwaysThis girl's tits were smoking!Stale is so hot, you just have to stare...Henry & James kicked off a serious hoe-down!TV Announcers were raging!Freddy E & Frodes buggin' out!TTR's Viola and O'Neill's PR queen cutting the rug, nice work ladies!DJ Boogie Dan had the event bumping from Day 1, props man and keep loving haters!That's the right idea, Doug. The staff was thirsty and that's that!

Here are the highlights from all the events, in case you missed the webcast!

Men's Pipe

Women's Pipe

Men's Slopestyle

Women's Slopestyle

Report by ADT & ADi