Toyota Big Air 2012 Wrap Up!

Method turned up to the 16th Toyota Big Air in Sapporo and it was one crazy event! 30,000 fanatic Japanese fans packed into the Sapporo Dome to witness a ridicurous standard of riding and an insane light and fireworks show, as well as dancing girls, mascots and two live acts.

Scotty Lago stomped a flawless switch back 10 double cork in his final jump to edge past last year's winner Chas Guldemond, who put down a near-perfect cab 12. All the riders sent it kamikazi-style and the after party was insane. Check out the gallery below for the full lowdown and make sure to check out the Method TV episode right HERE.

The Japanese announcers gave all the riders who made the first cut pseudo names. Hirarious!
1st - Scotty "Aerobatic" Lago $25,000 US
2nd - Chas "Nevada Crazy Horse" Guldemond $13,000 US
3rd - Eero "Aurora's Magician" Ettala $9,000 US
3rd - Antoine "Super Rookie" Truchon $9,000 US
Marko "It's Miracle" Grilc
Halldor "Far North Sword" Helgason
Kazu "Rising Son" Fujita
Mark "Young 3D Master" McMorris
Keito "Crazy Ninja Boy" Kumazaki
Ulrik "Wild Viking" Badertscher 

The scaffolding before the event, Sapporo Dome was actually built World Cup 2002 and is used for both soccer and baseball games. It is insanely huge and super tech!
Mark McMorris throwing a few flat spins down in practice
Grilo turned up to get dirt nasty!
Eero Ettala explaining how Photoshop works to Coach Thunder, Ulrik and Eiki

Super coach Johannes "Thunder" Brenning dissects the Big Air theoryEero and his filmer Jonas pre-training iPhone hockey match, by far the most popular pastime for the riders during the whole event
The in run, a blue-ish hue!
The stadium from the VIP lounge, this was before all the crazy fans came in
Halldor laying down a lofty front 3 in practice
Every time you take a photo of Japanese girls they throw the peace sign
Full house at the Sapporo Dome, 30,000 + fans!
Halldor flossin' those bulletproof lenses
The Japanese love cute mascots! There was a lot of mid-jump entertainment to keep the crowd excited.
Method photodawg Carlos Blanchard and Eiki Helgason taking in the spectacle
Cray-cray TBA light show in between jumps, shit got futuristic-like
Smoke, lights, flames, EXPLOSIONS!
The Japanese girls get pretty excited about the gaijin snowboarders
This little dude was hyped on the crazy stunts
Eero's fan club in full effect
The local riders were getting mad love too
Eiki watches his little bro Halldor get scored
Another look at the insane set up
1/4 final match ups
Like we said, peace signs every time!
Pretty in pink
There were a LOT of people there, and they were all waving miniature flags
Lots of Japanese people wear these masks, apparently it's to avoid getting the flu
Eero vs. Matsuura-san in the semis

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