Filthy Summer Slider

 Photographer Rens van Drimmelen:
 Location:  Zoetermeer
 Rider:  Wessel van Lierop

"The last few days before the Skullcandy Railbattle looked promising. Gerben Verweij nailed it on the stairset, Snowworld offered plenty of snow and the weather forecast was looking good. The next morning when we woke up it was pouring down rain. Things didn’t look good but luckily a lot of people showed up for this muddy pool party. Even though it was raining, the shred rolled down like thunder. The Skullcandy Railbattle is one of the best outdoor events we have in the flatlands, so like previous years shrednecks from all over Benelux gathered in the parking lot of Snowworld Zoetermeer for a shredfest deluxe: "the less summer edition". This here is Wessel knocking out a sweet back tail with some proper skate steeze."

Check the edit from the Skullcandy Railbattle below & more shots at theMustachio: