Frontside French Fries

 Photographer Germain Ozer:
 Location:  France
 Rider:  Maxwell Scott

Intercrew is perhaps the most fun, most relaxed and not surprisingly the most French event I have ever had the pleasure of attending. Between nearly every run through the perfectly manicured park we were greeted by a cornucopia of freshly baked baguettes, fruits, sliced meats and cheese platters. The beer flowed like wine and the women flocked like the salmon of Capistrano. Bean bag chairs, great DJ's and homemade sausage BBQs relieved the ever-so-tense "competition" environment. Before I begin to write in excessively flowery prose… Intercrew 8 was quite possibly the most laid back "contest" I have ever been to and to say the French  know how to take care of their riders would be an insulting understatement. Here's some helpful translations for your next trip to France, these did well for me all weekend:

"C'est où la bière?"
"Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?"
"Je puis chier sur votre visage?"


Hit up the Fluofun post for more photos and below we got the official video for ya along with another clip by Remy Barreyat with actually footy of this hot potato trick by Maxwell. (@ 2:06 in).