Poppin' Pill(ow)s

 Photographer Kirill Umrikhin:
 Location:  Russia
 Rider:  Andrew Moskvin

"It was one of the last days with good snow conditions on Rosa Khutor resort in Sochi. It was also the first sunny day after 2-3 days of snow fall. We woke up at 7am and caught the first lift. It was super warm already so we had to get to the zone as early as possible. The forest in Rosa Khutor is a lot like the ones in Canada with tons of pillows, lines and drops. After hitting a few spots we found this pillow. The distance between the first and second pillow was about 6 meters and at first I thought Andrew wanted to do a double pillow drop but he actually decided to clear the huge gap over the second pillow and that tree buried under the snow. He dropped about 15 meters, it was first try and he stomped it perfectly!"