Horse Play – A Streethorsing Retrospective

Horse Play - A Streethorsing Retrospective
Brought to you by WeSC - WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy®
Finally the bible of streethorsing is here. "Horse Play - A Streethorsing Retorspective" is brought to you by WeSC - WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy.  200 pages of the best action out there, 200 pages that sum up the whole vibe of this urban movement. Read it carefully and you will get the whole picture of what streethorsing is al about!

City streets scream with neon signs, shopping window displays, asphalt, subways, buses, cars, corporate buildings and husky dark backyards. All this invites subcultures of all kinds to use the land and buildings of the cities in many different ways. Skateboarders are using the architecture, street artists uses the walls of the public room and street performers are taking advantage of the crowds stressing around in the streets. The cities are truly a melting pot of urban culture.
Streethorsing is mixing all these ideas - using the streets together with your best mate to express the inner soul of your art form.
But unlikely, streethorsing will never get the mainstream attention and will never get as commercial as skateboarding, and in general streethorsers don't scream for public recognition as most of the street artists and to put on an act in front of a unknown crowd has nothing to do with streethorsing, They're very look alike on the surface - but still miles away from each others at heart. Streethorsing is all about to stay 110% true to your passion!
A wild discussion has recently blown up among different groups of people, intellectuals, animal rights activists and others, refusing to acknowledge street horsing as a positive and completely separate way of horsing.
Streethorsers claim that what they are doing is not a human taking use of an animal but animal and a human having fun together without neither part having to claim supremacy over the other.
In the intro of the book Ryan Galfando says, "What they don't get is, that we don't even use the word 'use' when it comes to horses"
Streethorsing is all about the relation and communication with the humans best friend - The Horse (sorry all dogs - you're cute but you're pretty useless). So to call steethorsing  "a sport", "a trend", "a lifestyle" doesn't quite sum it all up. Of course it's all of that but nothing more than the other.
Finally, after hordes of emails, meetings and negotiations WeSC convinced Ryan Galfando "The godfather of streethorsing" to put his blessing hand over this book project. Ryan helped us out to find the major riders on and off the streets all over the World. We're very fortunate and happy to get his blessing, or as Ryan frankly put it in his foreword of the book:
"I guess if I didn't take the responsibility to tell the story some jerk would do"

This book showcases the style and innovative ideas of the originators and the new generation of streethorsers from all over the world. In 200 pages the book features the most visually exuberant, subtle and creative examples of the genre from cities all over the world.
"Horse Play" is an essential record for everyone with interest in a true subculture and anyone who wants a hoof on the International pulse of this true urban culture.
For further info about streethorsing, please visit the home of Ryan Galfando on the Internet: