JP Walker's StepChild pro model

After confirming news that JP Walker has indeed joined StepChild Snowboards, here's a look at his new board design. Here's what he had to say: "I'm stoked to have input on all aspects of my board from the construction materials to the design. With my graphics I wanted to have something that not only represented me but my friends. I wanted the base graphic to pop off with my steeze. I kept the top sheet graphic low key.

You have to get close to the board to see what's really going on but one thing still stands out, The Spot logo based on a private snowboard-training facility that me and my homies have hidden in the mountains of Utah. It's a tight set up of rails that we built ourselves to warm up on early season before we take it to the streets.

The color of the patch, the skull, shovel, and axe all symbolize different aspects of initiation into The Spot.  You have to earn the right to wear this patch and those that have, have paid the price along the way.  I'm coming out with three boards, the 154 for jumps and backcountry and the 147 is my jib board.  The 147 is the first board I've had that actually has a built in feature specifically for jibbing. It has a dull, rounded edge between the feet to help make sliding rails and boxes a breeze. It tapers out to a regular sharpened edge by the time it reaches the contact points on the nose and tail.

The boards are tuned at the factory exactly how I would tune them at home. Finally no more dulling my edges on every board I get!?"  - JP Walker