Absinthe Films just dropped their “AbsintheTV” channel on Samsung TV Plus, providing free content for boardsports enthusiasts 24/7.

AbsintheTV is a 24 hour linear channel with video on demand options that launched February 12 on Samsung TV Plus. It’s here to legitimately represent the past, present and future of five categories that appeal most to people emerged in boardsports culture: Art/Music/Surf/Skate/Snow. A free channel on TV Plus, AbsintheTV is available on all Samsung smart TVs since generation 2016—10.6 million of them—in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK. As Samsung expands their TV Plus program, AbsintheTV will be included in France in September and Italy and Spain shortly thereafter, with North America coming in the not too distant future.

For now, look for AbsintheTV on Samsung TV Plus in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on Channel 4076 and in the UK on Channel 4071. Stay tuned for further updates on new markets.