A Definitive Part: Jess Kimura In 'Right Brain Left Brain'

In this fast paced world of scrolling that we now find oursleves in, with no more that a couple of seconds given to decided whether or not to pause or continue in search for the next new peice of online content we get lost in constantly looking forward and forget to look back from time to time. So we will be looking back at our favourite definitive parts from the best female riders out there.

For our second part to feature in this series we've gone with a 'no-brainer', no pun intended haha, and chosen the break through part from one of the hardest working and straight up hardest female riders out there, that is of course Jess Kimura and her part in Think Thank's Right Brain Left Brain! Before we get into what makes this part so special, not just for the fans, us, and the snowboarding community we first have to, if you don't already know, let you know that Jess Kimura is an inspiration. Not only for what she's achieved on her board but also what she's done off the board in helping progress and shine a light on female snowboarding globally. Jess worked extremely hard to become a professional snowboarder and once established, raised the bar of female snowboarding with standout parts from Thnk Thank, Capita Movies, Nike movies, and more. She then went on to focus her efforts in giving other female snowboarders the opportunities they deserve by collating 'The Uninvited'. A group of the best female snowboarders in the world that just weren't getting their just deserve in regards to filming opportunities and support. So, long story short, Jess is as badass as they come and still strives for the very best within herself and the rest of the female snowboarding community and we couldn't be more stoked on that. 

So lets bring it back to 2010 when Jess landed a spot filming with the Think Thank crew for their double DVD project "Right Brain Left Brain". One movie named Right Brain and the other Left Brain. We caught up with Jess and this is what she had to say about that particular scenario...

"Right Brain Left Brain was definitely the turning point for me. I was still working construction that year in the beginning of December and the season started off with so many pow days. I didn’t even have a seasons pass because I was trying to save my money for filming trips. My friends were texting me telling me how sick it was on the mountain but I was stuck in town pushing wheelbarrows of concrete mix through a foot of snow to the building site. I had a rail set up at the local ice rink under a streetlight that I would go and practice on for hours on after I got off work.

I can remember so clearly how much built up determination and energy I had inside, thinking as soon as I get my chance, I’m going to go so hard that I’ll never have to work construction again.  Hahah. I didn’t want to leave any space for people in the industry to doubt or deny me. My last day of work was December 11 and I flew to Anchorage to meet up with the Think Thank guys on December 12 for my first ever real filming trip. And the rest is history." Jess then adds once all was filmed and done...  "The biggest thing for me was getting the opening part in that movie (Left Brain) which I didn't find out about til it came on at the premiere and I almost fainted..."

So we think you'll agree, Jess is a true inspiration not just for female riders but for all riders and all people for that matter, because it was pure determination and hard work that got her to were is now and we love her for that! Thanks Jess.