A Definitive Part: Mary Rand's Rendered Useless

In this fast paced world of scrolling that we now find oursleves in, with no more that a couple of seconds given to decided whether or not to pause or continue in search for the next new peice of online content we get lost in constantly looking forward and forget to look back from time to time. So we will be looking back at our favourite definitive parts from the best female riders out there.

For our first part we have chosen Mary Rand's Rendered Useless part. No only does it mark a huge progression in female street and park riding, this part was a turning point for Mary, having grown up on the rope tows of Rhode Island conditioned in riding park and street it was after this part that she started to challenge herself in other areas of snowboarding, moving west to the big mountains and riding backcountry. If you've only got to know Mary as a rider in the last few years as she's risen up through the Pro ranks with Vans, Arbor and now The North Face you would think she had always been a backcountry rider, but as you'll see from this part, she kills it in the streets too.

"I am super proud of my rendered useless part, definitely one of my greatest accomplishments snowboarding. It was a crazy winter on the east coast, so much snow and a of couple classic nor’easter blizzards. I filmed mostly with Jess Kimura and Dyke Boy (Karla). We started out in their hometown, in interior BC, staying with their families and then they came to Rhode Island and we all stayed with my family. Early on in the season I wasn’t a part of rendered; (Jon) Stark hit me up when I was in BC to see how filming was going and invited me to be part of it. I was so excited and motivated! Also I filmed a little bit with Rav, Cole, Parker and Roobs. It was such an honor to be included in a full on men’s movie for the first time - hopefully it’s not the last."

Mary is hands down one of the most allround talented snowboarders we know, no matter what enviroment she is in she steps up and delivers style we all wish we could empower. 

Keep an eye out for the next 'A Definitive Part' coming soon.