Airblaster x Warp Wave "Day Wild"

Airblaster and Warp Wave proudly join forces to bring you this message:

You have 24hrs a day... Find your friends & use them to the fullest.

Ride snowboards, skate skateboards, jump in the water, cook over fires, sleep outside, look good, feel good, and STAY WILD!


Cinematography by: 
Sam Tuor
Gray Thompson

Produced by: 
Jack Hewitt 
Gray Thompson

Title Animation:
Matt Hogan 

Tim Eddy
Tucker Andrews
Jesse Gouveia 
Jackson Fowler
Hannah Eddy
Max Tokunaga 
Madison Blackley

Additional Support:
Alex Uvalle
Chelsea Jolly
Austin Heikens

Special thanks to:
Warp Wave Media Haus 
Squaw Valley Ski Resort
Tim, Hannah & The Chillderness 
Jackson & the Comanche 
Sam Bones & the Lunar Lander
California sunshine!