Antti Autti - ROAM - Short Snowboarding Film

From endless light to pitch-black darkness. Fields of powder transform into waterfalls. Seasons within a season, the circle repeats itself. Antti Autti gets out into the unknown once again and the crew capture an amazing portrayal of the vast mountains of the Arctic Circle.

"ROAM is a manifestation of the ever changing light and snow conditions of the Arctic Circle. 

The goal in this film has been to focus on the moments that freeriding creates. It doesn’t matter if you do something demanding or just simple turns down the slopes. These are equally relevant because ultimately the most important things it to appreciate the emotions and experience that the action you’ve just takne has left you feeling." - Antti

A film by Iisakki Kennilä 

Produced by Antti Autti

Snowboarding by Antti Autti

Sound design by Eero Nieminen

Cinematography by Joonas Mattila, Iisakki Kennilä, Jaakko Posti

Still photography by Olli Oilinki, Simo Vilhunen, Jaakko Posti

Lighting by Olli Oilinki, Joonas Mattila, Iisakki Kennilä

Graphic Design by Jari Salo

Soundtrack by Toni Turtinen, Lauri Kaski, Eero Nieminen, Iisakki Kennilä

Sponsored by Jones Snowboards, Suunto, Haglöfs, Spark R&D

Supported by Moonlight Mountain Gear, Pyhä Ski Resort, Swedish Lapland