ATMOSPHERE With Jake Blauvelt

The Atmosphere we make for ourselves is what defines us.

A look into world-renowned professional snowboarder Jake Blauvelt's life, career, and the past winter season. Snowboarding in British Columbia, Mount Baker, and hosting a grassroots snowboard event at a small mom and pop resort that he learned to ride at in rural Vermont.

Directed by Gabe Langlois
Cinematography by Gabe Langlois
Edited by Gabe Langlois
Produced by Jake Blauvelt and Gabe Langlois
Aerials by Dylan Ross, Jason Fentiman, Gabe Langlois, Shem Roose
Additional Cinematography by Freedle Coty, Ian Post
Additional Snowboarding by Patrick McCarthy, Elena Hight and Shayne Pospisil

Music Supervisor - Florent Chronie-De Maria

Music in order of appearance

Omega - Pearls In Her Hair [Gyöngyhajú lány]
Licensed through - Gabbor Presser

Maribou State - Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)
Licensed through - Ninja Tune

Caribou - Melody Day (Four Tet Remix)
Licensed through - BMG

Special Thanks

Ride Snowboards
Jim Lindberg
Tanner McCarty
The North Face
Jonathan Torres
Scott Hibbert
Smith Optics
Cale Meyer
Kristin, Nella and Amalia Blauvelt
Leah Langlois
Stephen Ross
Dylan Ross
Carolyn, Gary and Keaton Morgan
Lars Andrews
Stefan Shier
Patrick McCarthy
Cole Barash
Colin Adair
The Barking Frog Lodge
Peter Jensen
No Limits Helicopters
Denis Vincent
Blackcomb helicopters
Andy Meeker