BACKYARD BOOGIE by Griffin Siebert

Professional snowboarder Griffin Siebert went through his POV footage from last winters' amazing snowfall in the Wasatch mountains and put together this short film. 

"Backyard Boogie in its simplest form is just all my GoPro footage from 2019, all of which is filmed just a stone's throw away from my home in Salt Lake City, UT. We had an amazing season in Utah last year, and are very lucky to have such easy access to a lifetimes worth of terrain. To me these days spent up in the mountains in my backyard are some of my most cherished. Above all else, my best friends that I get to share these moments with, make it much more special.  

I have no idea what I am doing when editing footage, and by no means is this cutting edge snowboarding, but hopefully watching this video sparks a flame inside of you to go out to your local hill, and go explore, you may never know what's behind that next corner. Powder days are much better spent with good friends."

Hopefully, this video gets you inspired to go outside, get offline, and do something worth remembering or filming. 

Created and Edited by: Griffin Siebert