Our first movie project. Its a bit short and shitty, hence the title SHMOVIE. Filmed mostly in Trondheim, Norway with limited time, so this is what we where able to squeeze out of last winter.

Kristoffer Lerånd, Sigurd Lindquist, Andreas Grong, Ole Hagen, Joakim Boldó, Tormod Gregussen, Sigurd Vaagland, Aleksander Østreng, Øivind Fykse, Len Jørgensen and Håvard Roald

Edited by:
Andreas Grong

Filmed by:
Sigurd Vaagland, Andreas Grong and Martin Strøm

Additional filming:
Sigurd Lindquist, Kristoffer Lerånd, Stian Karlsen, Ole Hagen, Benedikte Eide, Joakim Boldó and some unknown friends of Boldó