A clip a day keeps the Roni away? That was the mindset of the Leif and the CHUUCH gang as they hit up Mt Hood in every way possible. From the woods, to the mountain to the streets. Full video came out heavy. Give it a watch.

By Leif Draznin-French

Corey Caswell
Griffin Frigaard
Reilly Tardiff
Casey Mitchell
Kai Polendey
Zach Redmon
Leif Draznin-French
Brooklyn Eisele
Jake Day
Cj Culligan
Ian Sullivan
Will Bickerstaff
George Sanidas

Filming by
Leif Draznin-French
Aaron Kiser 
Brooklyn Eisele
Locke Curtis @lockecurtis
Casey Mitchell

Supported by BDK Boardshop &SANGWICH