CTF - Hot Dawg & Hand Rails Recap 2017

Was this the best Hot Dawg & Hand Rails yet? Byt the level of riding shown here it very well may be! 50 of the world's best rail riders had a tight and tech course to put it down on in the Cali sun. This is the offical recap from Check The Feed and I don't think they missed a trick or a stack for that matter. Check it out!

Womens Winner - Madison Blackley

Mens Podium 1st - Francis Jobin, 2nd - Jaeger Bailey, 3rd - Benny Milam

Riders in order of appearance: Mamba, Halldor Helgason, Nora Beck, Buzz Holbrook, Matt Shaffer, Jordan Morse, Chris Fellner, Mike Gray, Denis Bonus, Turdlord, Sean Murphy, Jared Mcdaniel, Braedon Wheeler, Brin Alexander, Scot Brown, Christian Hobush, Finn Westbury, Riley Nickerson, Drayden Gardner, Sam Kelin, Duh Homie Sterph, Ozzy Henning, Jaromie Nolan, Will Steller, Ben Bilodeau, Gab Jaques, Tim Humphreys, Ryan Paul, Jesse Paul, Chris Depaula, Madison Blackley, Benny Milam, Jaeger Bailey, and Francis Jobin.

Filmed by: Johnny Hancheck, Ryan McGowan, and Heather Yannich.

Edited by: Johnny Hancheck