Danny Davis "All In A Dream" Trailer

After Danny's devastating slam at the Olympic qualifiers he had to take a step back from snowboarding in order to repair the damage that had been done. Cut off from the very essence of what makes him thrive and battling with his own demons and mental frustrations. "All In A Dream" is the story of an iconic rider and personality and his journey through this recovery process. With the support of a bunch of his friends and no doubt his love for snowboarding we get to experience what makes Danny so resilient in the face of adversity. Danny is no stranger to risking it all for what he believes in but now he faces his biggest challenge to date, himself.

Featuring: Mark McMorris, Ben Ferguson, Scotty Lago, Mikkel Bang, Nick Russell and more.

The film premieres on the 25th of November at the ABC World of Xgames and will be released on iTunes two days later on the 27th. For now enjoy the trailer of what is sure to be a wild ride.