DONibk IV 2020 - Michi Schatz Full Part

A short season spent with the Sane! Gang, Michi Schatz still managed to get a bunch of good street days before the lockdown showed up. Then, once allowed out again continued to shred the hills and streets until all the snow was gone, Michi don't nned resorts to shred.

New Sane! Movie to follow shortly, just waiting for the clubs to open again so they can premiere it properly! For now, enjoy these shots from the IBK Don.

Filmed by: Theo Acworth , Peter Walchhofer, Oska Fritzsche, Steve Grumser, Benno Bauer, Thomas Hörhager, Fabian Fraidl, Kristin Ludwig.

Drone: Seppo Lutz, Kerni FPV, 

Video Cut: Michi Schatz 

Sound: Too Short (Blow the whisle) 

Filmed: around Tyrol - Austria

Photos: Theo Acworth