ErasedTape by Ride snowboards

Earlier in December the Ride/Brust crew went to visit Wouter Groot in Holland with Dario Burch, Pierrot Scafidi, Louis Labertrande, and Amon Eisenmann. Wouter took them riding the snowdome of Den Haag "De Uithof" and a bike cruise in Amsterdam. A short trip to discover Dutch snowboarding, all filmed with a VX1000 by Guillaume Sturma! 

A few words by the crew:

"During our premiere tour for "Sincerely Yours" we made a stop in Amsterdam, at our friends
from Behind The Pines. Our local Wouter Groot took the opportunity to show us how nowboarding is done in Holland! We headed to Den Haag for the Snow Dome "De Uithof", 2 hours from the capital. It's one of the last dome that doesn't require you to wear a helmet to access the slope, and on top of that we had carte blanche to build the modules we wanted! During these 3 days, with Dario Burch, Louis Labertrande, Wouter Groot, Pierrot Scafidi and Amon Eisenmann, we build the set up for 1 or 2 hours in the early afternoon and then we ride until closing time. The laps are super fast and it's fun to ride a completely different park every day. The locals usually come to ride 2 - 3 hours after their work day, with so many runs in such a short time it's easy to see why indoor riders are so technical!
For this video we really wanted to have a DIY and creative side in addition to the "classic" park to bring a little more skate vibe. For the production it's signed Brust Studio with Guillaume Sturma behind the VX1000."

Video by Brust Studio