Ethan Morgan's DIYX Camp At Kaunertal

From the mastermind that is Ethan Morgan came DIYX (pronounced 'dicks') meaning 'Do It Yourself Xtreme' which was an invite only event where all the riders turned up a few days early to the hill and got stuck in with the park shapers to create whatever they could imagine. It's the perfect concept to look outside the norm of standard park setups and give the person riding the features the choice in what they wanna ride! 

Well last spring they turned this concept into a full sprin camp up at Kaunertal so that anyone could sign up to the camp, ride with some of the radest European riders including Ethan himself and get stuck in creating their very own park. Here's the recap edit to show you what went down.

Also, Ethan has now managed to bring this idea indoors and on the 21-23 Sept the DIYX event will be at Ice Mountain Snowdome giving riders the chance to create their perfect setup before shredding it up!