"Fakeout" by Paid Programming

The Canadian crew 'Paid Programming' had a banger spring with a heavy session at the Snowboy Productions It Came From The Village event at Sunshine Village as well as getting sendy on a spring side-country hip set up and generally blasting the slush to see winter out. This is the recap.

Gregor Zed, Vinny Laz, Quin Ellul, Jesse Jarrett, Kalin Park, Michael Modesti, Manu Calvo, Tomi Maletic, Bryan Bowler, Aaron Tam, Finn Westbury, Matt Tam, Eric Martin, Conner Felix, Stefan Alvarez, Lucas Comeau, Jack Lawrence, Liam Gill, Matt, Ian Scherrer, and Brett Mills

Filmed by Jesse Jarrett, Quin Ellul, and Vinny Laz
Edited by Jesse Jarrett