Fredi Kalbermatten Full Part

Fredi K hit some incredible backcountry spots last winter and, of course, sliced them up with the grace and skill that comes when your legs have seen more pow and steeps than most in the game. You might go so far as to say that Fredi was the original slash master. Because we can't think of any better, right this instant. And there were like ten amazing ones in this. 

Fredi Kalbermatten aka The Swiss knife applies himself to the mountain with precision and finesse. Enjoy this collection of footage from Fredi's 2017 winter which finds him soaring through the sky, barreling into the white room, and flying down big faces. Shot on his home mountain of Saas-Fee and all around Switzerland, Fredi is a connoisseur of style.

Filmed By: Jack Mullner, Jamie Mullner, Sean Lucey, Gray Thompson, Tomokazu Kuwano
Edit By: Gray Thompson