French Fragrence - 'EXIT' Teaser

An exit from the everyday boredom. Here is a little teaser of what the French Canadian crew 'French Fragrance' have been up to this past winter. We've only seen the dopest of riding from these guys and it looks like they are keep the trend going for their new movie EXIT, set to drop next fall.

Supported by: The North Face, Sport Radical, Spin Limit Boardshop, Salomon Snowboard, Boutique Homies, Avendre Boutique & Boutique Adrénaline

Featuring: Phil Carpentier, Phil Couture, Marjorie Couturier, LP Charbonneau, Frank Bélanger & Friends

Filmed and edited by Ulysse Dubé Burelle
Additionnal filming: Louis-Charles Coté, Phil Carpentier & Anthony Drolet Tremblay