Griffin Siebert's Backyard Boogie Töö

Another powder filled short film by Griffin Siebert following his original last winter. Steeps and deeps, from big mountains to the Rail Gardens, with a beautiful soundtrack to match. Featuring Grif and friends.

"I am in constant pursuit to capture that feeling you get riding with your friends on a powder day, or enjoying a fun session on a hand built sidehit. It is that feeling that keeps drawing us back to the snowy mountains, that feeling of euphoria where time ceases to exist, and you are grinning ear to ear. I will forever be on the hunt for this illusive yet addictive feeling, and it is exactly why I will be snowboarding for as long as I physically am able. These relationships that are forged upon this feeling are priceless and my hopes is that this video gives you the urge to go out to your home hill, wherever that may be and make some memories with your best friends. Remember there is no correct way to slide sideways and at the end of the day the one having the most fun wins"

Hope you enjoy
Let it snow
Much Love

Supported by Quiksilver, Nitro Snowboards and Spark R&D