Halo-Halo 2023 - Full edit

The rad people at Snowboy Production set up some very cool goals with the Halo-Halo session in Timberline, as they put it very nicely this is about "elevating participation through representation". Check out the recap edit and witness for yourself how rad this is...

More words from Snowboy Production:

"Halo-Halo (ha‧lo-ha‧lo) is the ultimate Filipino summer dessert that consists of shaved ice, alongside colorful and flavorful layered components meant to be mixed before being consumed. Like the dessert, we brought together a unification of BIPOC voices of amatuer and professional snowboarders, industry leaders, terrain park builders, filmers, photographers, and youth outreach organizations to share time, space and conversations while building, riding, and documenting a one of a kind snowboard park on the slopes of Mt Hood.

An event built by the community, ridden by the community, covered by the community and inspiring the community. Here's a taste of what went down!"

Filmed and edited by Luis Medearis

Additional filming by Daniel Salazar, Karlos Jeri, Daniel Vega & Ronnie Foreman

Riders in order of appearance : Irie Jefferson, Miles Fallon, Liam Gill, Adro Mitchell, Devi Gupta, Lex Hernandez-Roland, Stefan "Taco" Alvarez, Matt Tam, Ian Kuhn, Alexandra Grummblatt, Aaron Tam, Erik Leon, Alissa Alivea, Naima Antolin, Nali Prevedel, Mizl, Summer Fenton, Steve Lauder, Braeden Adams, Nial "Naps" Noell, SK, Tyler Moore, Mike Robinson, Max Djenohan, Tommy Gonzalez, Phil Bahner, Kiran Pershard, Josh Nucci, Zach Griffin, Ahmon Stamps, Brian Rice, Michael McDaniel, LJ Henriquez & Zeb Powell

"Leave the Door Open" by Silk Sonic

Supported by Timberline, Airblaster, Db, Diecutstickers.com, Shred Foundation, the Service Board.