HCSC 2016:Session 6 Recap

Summer is officially wrapped up with that last session at High Cascade over. The riding was next level every week and they didn't hold back for the final edit. Which was your favourite week? 

"AND THAT IS THAT! Session 6 has come to a close at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and there is no better crew than the Lick The Cat boys to stick a fork into Summer 2016. With the help of Signature Session™ Pros Sage Kotsenburg, Sam Taxwood, Blake Paul, Spencer Schubert, Max Warbington, a bunch of homies, and some INCREDIBLE campers - we bring you the (summer 2016) season finale - clocking in at four and a half minutes."

Featuring: Griffin Siebert, Blake Paul, Max Tokunaga, Miles Fallon, Bar Dadon, Brendan Hart, Mike Bogs, Christian Sparks, Grant Giller, Dusty Miller, Sam Taxwood, Scott Stevens, Gus Warbington, Sage Kotsenburg, Ben Bilodeau, Spencer Schubert, and Max Warbington 

Filmed By: Tyler Orton, Jacob Howell, Brent McCaron, Seamus Foster, RJ McNichols

Edited: Tyler Orton