HCSC 2017: Session 4 Recap

Session 4 is in the books, it's a banger but did they save the best til last? Signature Session™ Pros Chris Grenier, Chris Beresford, Desiree Melancon, Jesse Burtner, Scott Stevens, and Bode Merrill graced the camp with their all-around exceptional boarding and glowing personalities that had energy levels booming! Bode’s 6th Annual Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational was a stunner providing on-the-spot non-stop action that had phones flashing, cameras snapping, and campers clapping! Another glorious week of t-shirt weather on Mt. Hood featured by 8 days of beautiful sunshine left anyone that was thirsty for some slushy summertime snowboarding completely quenched!

Snowboarding by: Jacob Krugmire, Max Warbington, River Richer, Cooper Whittier, Reid Smith, Nate Carroll, Brett Wilkinson, Cole Navin, Dillon Ojo, Riley Nickerson, Danny McGonagle, Benny Milam, Christian Hobush, Anna Gasser, Rob Roethler, Jed Sky, Dusty Miller, Ted Borland, Shaun Murphy, Pata Fava, Jesse Paul

Film: Jake Howell, Brent McCarron, Zak Peterson, Anthony Drolet

Edit: Brent McCarron