"Hi, I'm Nico" - 8 Year Old Nico Bondi

An intimate look into the life of snowboarding's future. Nico Bondi is only 8 years old but has been a pro snowboarder for a few years already. From Italy, he's been surfing, skating and snowboarding since they day he could walk, accompanied by his father Francesco. Nico isn't like most kids, not just because he like vegetables and doesn't like ice cream but because of his insane talent when riding any board and espcially a snowboard. Snowboard photographer Vernon Deck has spent a lot of with Nico shooting him for his various sponsors but in tern has become great friends with Nico. Here Vernon and Loïc Wirth, a Brazilian film director bring you a short film of Nico that instead of just showing his skills on a board give you an insight into the life of an 8 year old kid that loves to just have fun. Enjoy!