'Just A Ride' Documentary film - Trailer

Just A Ride is a snowboarding and surfing documentary film project. It is a epic journey of two guys, Matti Kinnunen and Kentaro Kobori living their dream with their boards. Currently its has been a passion project that has been self funded to be filmed and is now in the editing process but to get it to the finish line they need your help. You can help fund the project to guarantee it's fruition. Check out the page HERE to donate.

Kentaro Kobori, 38, comes from Japan, an enthusiastic lifestyle surfer-snowboarder. From the Fukushima prefecture which was damaged in the disaster of 2011 tsunami, this forced Kentaro to ask what he really wants to do with his life and so he became dedicated to persuing the life of a lifestyle surfer.

The other main character of the movie Matti Kinnunen, 32, is a passionate snowboarder. He traveled to Japan to film snowboarding film about himself which he'd planned and filmed for years. He still has a desire to be recognized as skilled snowboarder because an accident stopped his career as professional rider and he couldn’t make a comeback.

On Bandaisan, top of the mountain in Japan they coincidently met each other and then they start to travel together, going after good waves and snowy mountains. Surfing and snowboarding connects these guys, they both find meaning from riding for their life and it is their way of life, IKIGAI.

Living the dream is not always easy. It takes lot of courage and dedication, energy and effort. In this journey, Kentaro and Matti are forced to face many difficulties, too. But it is in these challenges where the learning happens: The journey teaches to reconnect with nature and respect the things you already have. It advises to listen yourself more closely and to take life more playfully.

So far, the project has been carried out with passion and self-budget. The footage is mostly filmed and we are looking for support for things like music and editting. It is aimed to be ready for winter 2020.

At the moment in the working group we have names like filmer/script writer Kentaro Kobori, director/filmer/script writer Matti Kinnunen, director/editor/filmer Iisakki Kennilä, editor/filmer Anssi Laamenen.

This film will give you more courage and inspiration living the dreams you have in your life.

Don’t hesitate! Just do it!

Because life is…

Just A Ride.

Kiitos paljon! Arigato gozaimashita!