K2 Snow - Spinners

K2 Snowboarding set out to get a small group of their team together and build a video around an all-new model in their line, the Medium. Since they worked hand in hand with Jake Kuzyk to develop the Medium, they wanted to head to his home turf to document it. 

A decade back, when Jake first signed on to ride for K2, he lived in the beautiful resort town of a Whistler, located in British Columbia - on the western side of Canada. So they decided that it was fitting to visit Whistler (where it all started for Jake) to celebrate the release of his first pro model.

Join Jake Kuzyk, Mark Wilson, Kennedi Deck, Jody Wachniak, and Thomas O’Reilly in SPINNERS, a short clip by Seamus Foster for K2 Snowboarding.