KEEGAN HOSEFROS is pro for Rome

Keegan Hosefros is now pro for Rome and that's rad news! We got to hang for a few days with the crew (Stale Sandbech, Len Jorgensen, Martin Lasser, Devin Bernard, Max Lyons and Yannick) while they were filming for their next movie (yup that's coming next fall too...) and witness Keegan's first moments with his new snowboard family. The vibe was already super high with the Rome gang and it really felt that Keegan's positive energy and ability to shred and motivate everyone around him strongly nourished it more...

Good things are about to come!



"Today we are beyond stoked to welcome Keegan Hosefros, aka Keegz to the Pro Team! A staple in the scene and an effortlessly stylish ATV of a rider, Keegz actually grew up right down the road from the Waterbury, VT offices. Bringing style and a serious power to everything he rides, Keegz is a true ATV of a ripper and we cant wait to see what the future holds for him!"

Matt Stillman



Welcome edit by Devin Bernard.

Photos Max Lyons