KORUA Shapes - In Action - Café Racer Plus

Korua Shapes introduces the new & updated Café Racer Plus snowboard, with full titanium construction and Perlatec top sheet.

Words from the minds behind the board:

"Our go to carving board has been updated to include a layer of vibration-absorbing Titanium to reduce chatter and offer super smooth processing of bumps. It also adds even more bite when turning on ice, and enhanced control at high speeds! Combined with our highest grade base material, this marks a big performance gain to our already beloved carving shape. If getting super low on your turns is your priority, and you like it when your edges lock in no matter what, this is the board for you.”

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© Aaron Schwartz  - Nicholas Wolken locked in his carve


Find out more on koruashapes.com/products/cafe-racer-plus

Snowboarding:  Nicholas Wolken
Film & Edit: Morgan Maassen
Creative Direction: Aaron Schwartz

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© Aaron Schwartz - The board