LA ZONE 'Col de Cou' - Teaser

In the early 2000's, David Vladyka of Absinthe Films and a handful of snowboarders discovered the Col de Cou, a major crossing point on the French-Swiss border used by smugglers after the Second World War. This area with its hilly terrain became a legendary place for freestyle snowboarding. 20 years later, Mat Schaer and David Vladyka still come back from time to time to film, but the immaculate slopes are becoming rare. The excitement of the great freestyle years has given way to the hikers. A new page is being turned. 

A short movie reigniting this special area coming soon.

Directed by Julien Roserens

Produced by Absinthe Films

Supported by Jones Snowboards, Region Dents Du Midi, Doodah Store

Edited by Jules Guarneri 

Soundmix by Steph Chapelle 

Graphics by Raoul Duke 

Photo by Michael Cordey, Mat Schaer and David Vladyka