Last Resort With Stan - June/July

Yep, here he is once again, Stan Leveille with the snowboard news from around the globe. You thought that just because it was summer that he would have plenty to take about? Well you were wrong!

Last Resort with Stan was written, edited, filmed and hosted by Stanley Jt. Moulthrop Leveille The first.  

In this month's episode...which is actually two months becasue even though we said there is still snowboard news to present over summer it's definetly less than the winter:

Peace Pipe Mount Hood, Shaun White Skate Olympics, Common wealth edit, Ski Bowl Edit, Crevasse Jump, Lenny Mazzotti Death Gap, Ropetow Stan and HCSC.

Last resort is a project presented by Lobster Snowboards, though the views on this show do not necessarily express those of anyone at the company.