Marcus Rand: Behind the Yawgoons

Stinky Socks took it upon themselves to visit the tiny, magical Yawgoo Valley in the tiny state of Rhode Island where The Yawgoons acquired unlimited freedom on the hill. 

"The only way to really understand the influence that Dylan Gamache, Brian Skorubski, Dr. B, Mary Rand, and Marcus Rand have as The Yawgoons is to visit Yawgoo Valley and see where it all started. So we flew from Bulgaria to Rhode Island, to see it for ourselves. This was filmed on a car ride from Marcus' house to Yawgoo Valley Ski Area. A week there hits you hard and reminds you why snowboarding is so cool, and why we all do it. The lack of huge mountains, park infrastructure, and tons of snow, made these guys overcome the laziness that we all have and the fear of being different that we all battle with. The Yawgoons are one of the most recognizable crews of all time. Watch as we take a ride with Marcus Rand, and see from his point of view why the Yawgoons are where they are today."

Snowboarding by: Marcus Rand, Dylan Gamache and Brian Skorubski
Film/Edit: Dimo Petkov
Additional filming: Dr.B
Photos: Pam Rand
Super 8: Dimo Petkov