Method TV: A TERRORific Sunday

Head into the dense forest of Russia to Zolotaya Dolina outside of St. Petersburg with the Terror/weare2012 crew as they strap into their boards for the first time this season. The only problem was the mountain was not open yet. They tried to set up the park on the trail themselves but got kicked out by security. The only solution was to take a tube and set it up wherever they could. This is just a warm-up so look out for more Russia coverage from us this winter with the Terror crew instead of shit from Sochi that we really don't give a hoot about.

Riders: Roma Papa, Nikita Vasilev , Filip Aninn, Maxim Sibiryakov, Maxim Tikhonov, Sasha Bragin, Burka and the rest of the homies.

Music: Trainspotters - What If Only

Our homies from Provincial Films were also there that day and cut this sweet little edit