Odd Folks Movie 2 - Foreign Affair

The Aussie bread Odd Folks are back with their second full length movie filmed in Finland, Japan, Quebec and Whistler Canada. They say nothing too serious just here for a good time here but these boys put some serious time in and filmed another standout movie on little cash. Stoked to see how it came out. Killed it!. 

Riders: Joel Cantle, Jye Kearney, Ryan Tiene, Troy Sturrock, Tim Laidlaw, Harry Green, Rocco Rachiele and Josh Anderson.

With appearances from: Zak Hale, Michael Belly, Ryusei Tachiseka, Curtis Woodman, Charlie Steinbach, Tommy Steinbach, Jake McArthy, Will Jackways, Jack Spence & Pete Long.

Proudly supported by: Burton Australia & New Zealand, Anon, Analog, Union, Capita, Yuki, Rad Gloves, Dragon, Modest, K2, Ride and Oakley.

Best watched with ya mates playing this drinking game, designed by the Odd Folks themselves...

Rider stacks - 1 sip. See an Odd Folks logo - 1 sip. 360 on or off a rail - 1 sip. If someone does a flip (not cork) - 1 sip. Someone drinking beer as there filler - 1 sip. NBD on a spot - 1 sip. Pretzel off rail - 1 sip. See Joel Cantle vapping - 2 sips. Burton hand - 2 sips. Energy drink logo - 2 sips. If you see a dick - 3 sips. Everyone is the room makes a stoked noise from seeing a trick - finish the drink.